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 Tantric  Massage London is one small part of the wide ranging Tantric  Art of touch. Tantra is a beautiful path of sensual erotic touch , Tantric Massage , meditation and  special breathing techniques  using the body and the senses to bring us into the NOW. Some of the other disciplines include, Tantra is an ancient spiritual path that holds sex as sacred and as a pathway to the divine.  A Tantric connection is heart conection with your inner emotional and spiritual  world and the world around you,  is sensual, spiritual, fully alert and filled with appreciation and gratitude. Trough stimulation and manipulation of highly skilled  tantric practitioner who are very experienced  at Tantric Meditation, Tantric  Breathing, Sensual massage, Kundalini Massage, Erotic  massage ,  Body To Body Massage which provides the exquisite, via  human touch  that is a gentle stimulant, both soothing a person’s physical body and connecting their key senses. At the same time, Tantric massage is a way of awakening the spiritual life, force of a person emoions and for some is considered a ritual that celebrates every aspect of who a person is each one of us is a union of all universal energy . Tantric Massage  is  therapeutics and very profound unforgettable Sensual and Erotic  experience, which give full relaxation and Spiritual & Sensual healing experience.

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Tantra is a means to maintain ecstasy and achieve a higher spiritua state. Tantra is the complete opposite of quickie. The study and practise of Tantra is a journey, with ever-changing scenery and moods ans sensual awakening. The ritual is based on activating the human energy centres, Chakras, which hold the potential to reach 'cosmic awareness'. The human body is thought to have 6 main Chakras (base of spine, near navel, near heart, near throat, between brows and most importantly genitals) each of which represents a gateway to higher energy. Tantric rituals emphasise the need to open up these energy points in order to harmonise the flow of energy throughout the body to help achieve an elevated state of sexual awareness. Tantra Practitioners claim that Tantra can not only significantly improve your all-round physical health, but it can also help create a feeling of inner peace and harmony.

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We are east european  young and  very  lovely charming attractive woman, we are  professional 100% excellent Tantric Masseuse experienced with  qualification in massage therapy

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London Tantra  Massage salon offers also Thai massage is

a type of  body massage that involves stretching, Thai Massage is practiced on the floor


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Lomi-lomi, meaning "massage" in the Hawaiian Language , Lomi Lomi which is "The Loving Touch - a connection of heart, hands and soul with the Source of All Life!" Lomi-Lomi massage  is the word used today to describe Hawaiian massage, traditionally called lomi meaning "to rub, press, squeeze, massage; to work in and out, as the claws of a contented cat". Lomi-lomi is a holistic healing tradition beyond simple massage. 

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About Kandalini

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Kundalini is Sanskrit for "snake" or "serpent power," so-called because it is believed to lie like a serpent in the root chakra at the base of the spine. In Tantra Yoga kundalini is an aspect of Shakti, the divine female energy and consort of Shiva. Kundalini -Goddess or else as a sleeping serpent


Erotic Massage

erotic massage  Erotic Massage
Erotic massages typically feature massages in erogenous zones of the body.



Tantric  Massage  London!

Our  Philosophy Tantric  Massage in London! is simple to makes ourselves smile and enjoy the beauty of inner Self. Tantric  Massage  – this is proven by many centuries, a great way to relief stress and get deep relaxetion for  mind TANTRIC MASSAGE 075-90029003and body, in this  whole stressful  rhythm of your active life. Only one hour in the hands of our professional  Tantric masseurs, or very skilfull Massage therapist we are able to replenish the body of its lost energy. Tantric Massage in London very  Erotic massage and sensual experiance and  gives not only pleasure, but also able  to cure diseases of musculature system, eliminates muscle and cosmetic defects of the body. It should be noted that the massage of any form, beautifully restores it's mental and physical balance in the body.  

 Tantric massage is by nature very Sensual massage is simply vital for everyone, man or woman, for an integrated and balanced functions of the organism as a whole.The temptation is so important to our life, that every man should have deep knowledge about it and apply this knowledge to the experience of his life. In the salon, you will receive the highest quality service, VIP service, full attention. Visit our Tantric  Massage in London salon, and you will understand the world of wonders – just open the door…

Our Tantric Massage in London Massage treatments and experience has been carefully devised and formulated for the unique and personal approach for healing and positive energy cultivation. Our Tantric Massage in London treatments are clear and simple. They help with anti – aging and positively boost your energy and attitudes. All of this leads us to a higher immune system and a good healthy well being. Our Tantric Massage in London are a good “prevention” to health care. We can reduce the serious and harmful effects of toxins, stress and negativity. Stress kills the cells in the body.

Our skin, bones, organs, brain all deteriorate faster as direct result of stress. Heart disease, digestive disorders, cancers, poor sexual functions, skin deterioration, fatigue and low energy are some of the long-list of physical symptoms. Stress causes psychological imbalances of the mind which leads some to nervous breakdowns, premature senile mentally disturbers , emotional and behaviour problems, anxieties and fears, day to day conscious and sub-conscious negative thoughts of self-inedequeses such as low self-respect, low-self worth, poor self-esteem and even poor self-love eats away at our cells every day lowering the power of our immune system.

Powerful negative stress feeling ” I’m not good enough”, “I wish I was successful”, “I’m too fat”, “I can’t cope” leads some to escape day to day reality by using mind altering substances such as alcohol and drugs to fill holes appearing in our soul. When we become negative about life and ourselves, we send millions of messages to our atoms, cells and molecules which make up our body and mind.This indirectly affects the abstract energy essence of our well being and our soul. Our Tantric l Massage in London treatments are devised to “boost” our immune systems. We have the best Tantric Massage in London which combine the “primitive” ancient techniques with the progressive contemporary.

Our Tantric Massage in London offers us a space where we find nourishment, fuel, new energies, re-energies, calm, relaxation, balance, positiveness, peace, hope and our true selves. All of these benefits shall help us build a“high” immune system and energy to lead longer and more fulfilling lives. You will be experiencing great benefits of our Tantric  Massage in London. 075-9002-9003.

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