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zjhl2lgef9cyrql0jfa7kzbw2vubpbvpnbbe0tp9oxde9g5shnn1iLondon Tantra Massages with Miss Mary Celia and her lovely caring elite British Therapists bring the famous Sensual Spiritual Tantra Massage to everyone who wants to enjoy more happiness and an unforgetable Tantra massage…..

This website contains lots of information on Tantra and related health topics for those who are interested to learn about Tantra massage in Dubai UAE, London, France, Kundalini Tantra Geneva, Zurich Switzerland, or even Singapore where we have therapists or partner spas.

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OUR ‘BLOG’ Everthing you need to know about Tantra and Tantric Yoga, (Go to ‘Menu’and select ‘Blog’ )for a 100 of the pages we wrote on the subject of Tantra, information on what is Tantra, history of Tantra, how to receive a Tantric experience massage, learn Tantra! Dubai, London red Tantra and European Tantric massage in Deutschland Frankfurt.

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Miss Mary has developed a full menu of Kundalini pure Tantra massages and updated them with the latest cidesco standards, The best and newest Tantric massage trends from London our home, immersed them with Taoist methods and sort the true magical pure Tantric massage techniques from the ancient Indian traditional way of the Daktini in giving enlightened sensual energy to the receiver….. feel the love!


We provide luxury specialised Tantra ultra massages and Kundalini. Bespoke international massages in London, massage in Dubai with partner spas and therapists offering a beautiful high quality elite professional Tantra Massage from London service.  By appointment only.

tara_000Courses on Tantric Yoga, Tantra massage for couples, get togethers and Tantra holiday retreats. Also links to other reviewed qualified female Tantra Yoga and Ayurveda therapists.. in Dubai, Kuwait Australia, with Singapore Tantra massage groups and our own retreats and temple based therapists.


TANTRA Londons latest with mary demonstating red tantra in this video


Red Tantra with London Tantra massage