How ASMR Massage and Tantra. The latest tend that discribes the how people feel when having a Tantra massage feeling.


ASMR is the latest tend and movement for helping you relax, and also to help you sleep. It is a particular sound or touch at the right frequency and intimacy that induces a feeling of tingles, waves of sensations that are pleasurable yet calming, and a warmth that arises and permeates through out the body it gives a euphoria of sensations that can aid a deep state of peaceful relaxation. ASMR has been described as a sort of brain orgasm, without any sexual stimulation, but relaxation, a trigger for endorphins and mood lifting euphoria.

ASMR is something we have known about in Tantra massage for thousands of years, and the new term perfectly describes the feelings, and blissful state, people experience in a Tantra massage or Tantric massage as people like to call it.

Voice of ASMR sound healing through sound and touch massage


ASMR stands for, autonomous sensory meridien response, it is a term coined from 2010 to describe the feeling that people have described or felt for a millenia, an indefinable state, and they way that certain actions trigger or intensify these pleasurable sensations.


1. ASMR Sound Triggers

It was found that one type of ASMR, was sound at a whisper or a certain volume, tiny rythmic sounds, and a frequency were able to trigger ASMR response, and these had a particular calming effect, helped people to relax enough to let go and sleep peacefully.

2. ASMR Touch triggers.

Touch is also a trigger to ASMR. Minute touch and caress. Intimate stroking, fractions of a millimetre and the lightest of touch, done in a certain way could also induce an instant pleasurable shiver of sensation that would develop into a feeling of tingling euphoria. Intimate touch or even a warm caring hand, a brush over the shoulders could initiate a feeling of being loved and cared for, a parent and child response, or a lover and loved one.  Something that Tantra practitioners and healers have known for thousands of years, even some methods of Ayurveda are used with oils and massages in the knowledge that they produce this  blissful state of being.

Tantra Massage and ASMR

For Many years now, the typical description of my Tantra massages by clients and receivers were…..


“Wow I am tingling all over”  

“your touch is like magic, Mary, waves of electricity and I feel so happy” 

“like you have some magic fingers caressing me, feelings of happiness and energy are amazing”


Well this beautiful healing touch is a technique and ability of genuine followers of Tantra who are trained in the secret touches and massages that give the feeling of tingling pleasure and euphoria by their touch and massages, and also the way they give a loving adoring warmth from their hands and bodies that give a shimmering ray of light and ecstacy of physical sensation, a nurturing healing and many more words than can be described, a part of this sensation has now been termed by the new terminology,  “autonomous sensory meridien response” known as ASMR coined, now studied and popularised in the last seven years and seen in recent viral trend of youtube ASMR videos on the internet.

Tantra or Tantric massage includes ASMR touch trigger well as long as it from a Tantra Yogi, Shakti, Dakini or a therapist who is trained in Tantra in Tibet or India.

I define genuine authentic Tantra therapists!, not the new world trend of fake tantric massages!  


White Tantra ASMR massage. This form of Tantra massage is a relaxing non sensual massage that is not sexual, and should not be mistaken for any form of sensual tantra. Eg it is separate from sensual Tantra, and does not  include any lingham or intimate private areas. It is a very traditional form of Tantra using binaural floating sensory music, soft sound, and can include ASMR whispers and relaxing soothing sounds pranayamic flow breath, and voice. Comforting, and allowing the receiver to fall into a almost trance of deep calm, and sense of peace, and total sensation of being removed from all of the negative stress of life almost floating lets say. 

The white Tantra ASMR massage includes pouring of warm oils  chypre, cedar wood, sandelwood balsam, frankincense etc base note musk warm and relaxing. Very light touch massage involving circling the seven chakras of the body focusing and creating a gentle warm flow of energy that clears, blockages of the body and mind and aid to better circulation. The touch massage technique is from the ancient secret methods that are taught to encourage meditation and the pathway to Ananda, a state of heavenly bliss. In ASMR Tantra we use additional Pranayamic breath, and is an additional aid to a sate of being lifted away from reality and totally rebalanced reborn refeshed.  TANTRA YOGA 

White Tantra massage with ASMR is a powerful method to allow you to sleep. It allows you to fall into a deep REM sleep mode. Really helps insomniacs.

We have regular spa clients and receivers that request a ASMR Massage with White Tantra at home and this cures insomnia. Contacting a Therapist trained in Tantric massage and ASMR


Massage and Tantra using ASMR-londontantramassage.com
TANTRA MASSAGE USING ASMR Triggers voice.. tone and feather touch Tantra massage called White Tantra

Cure Insomnia with ASMR Massage and TANTRA.


In London, ASMR means; Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and it’s often defined as “a flow-like mental state” that’s triggered by a very specific sound or visual, according to ASMR University.

ASMR is an extremely and deeply felt relaxing sensation, instinctively comforting feeling, usually accompanied by warming electrical mild tingling sensations in the head and through out the body in a flowing circuits of sensation. Prof C Richards PhD, ASMR researcher of University studies into relaxation and ASMA touch. “The”tingling” starts in the back of your neck, travels across your scalp, and moves downward, following the line of your spine”. Some people feel it in their shoulders, limbs, and lower back, too. You can experience ASMR getting a head massage or a Tantra soft touch massage, watching and hearing someone whisper, or listening to light sounds or touch —.In addition to the visceral reaction, people say that the experience of  ASMR makes them feel happy, relaxed, comfortable, sleepy, advanced reaction to touch ASMR even euphoric and a dopamine orgasmic type high. Many new studies show the triggers to ASMR  A study found that people experiencing ASMR use it to relieve pain, were deep stress or anxiety attacks.

About 84% of ASMR fans book massages in the evening or watch ASMR videos on you tube or listen to binaural sound in the evening one hour before bed time. So it is a perfectly useful method to relax depending on your personal trigger of course everyone has different sensitivities.


Personally,  I can state in a study done that the sound part of th ASMR phenomenon can be dependent on a person’s auditory sensitivity. Example being, listening to high frequency sound. Some people, and including the very young can hear very high frequency sound eg the sound of pest control pulse plug ins that scare away mice, but humans can not normally hear as they grow older, teenager mosquito effect..  Some people are affected in the opposite end of the spectrum, by low frequency base sounds khz.  A recent test on You tube asked people to listen to a certain sound depending on the volume/frequency sound it had a quite affect with people  who were more sensitive to each range of sound hearing different words entirely. Laurel test.


In touch masage we noted some people have a hightened level of sensitivity to touch. Possible more clusters of nerve endings, called nerve receptors is possible. In your fingertips you have 2,500 to cm 2 the highest density to that anywhere of your body. Though the spine to nape of your neck has also a high density.


ASMR how does ASMR work and what is ASMR
ASMR how does it work
A stress relief or a magical cure to tension?
ASMR massage and Tantric massage. We know induce the feelings of calmness and relaxation are likely due to the release of endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin, fire neurotransmitters. receptors in the brain fire Endorphins pleasure and happiness chemicals. In our childhood, it’s a parent’s touch comforting response with a voice that is most useful at calming a nervous agitated infant.  It is quite likely that pathways or need to be comforted are important in those experiencing the sensations.
What triggers ASMR
Data suggests that touch response, (massage, hair touching, and physical massage caress on certain nerve clusters particularly the neck and certain regions of the body, and sound low toned singing whispering, are the strongest triggers of ASMR. It was found the certain therapies from the East, including Tantra and Ayurveda and Taoist massage had know the benefits of what we call today ASMR for hundreds of years if not thousands of years. Today modern science has created the term to discribe what was unnamed! it a beautifully natural human response and wonderful aid to our menu of wellness therapies to aid stress .
Tantra massage in Dubai, Tantra for relaxation-in-Dubai
White Tantra massage and ASMR

Tantra Massage and White Tantra with ASMR in Dubai

Note on types of Tantra and conservative countries misunderstanding what actually constitutes a Tantra or Tantric massage.

We have written about ASMR and massage, and the type of Tantra called White Tantra, which is a healing and therapeutic form of tantra, that does not involve removing clothes! other than wearing a towel and being treated under licence in a good spa.

Tantra massage the white version we mean is not sexual and for this reason,  it could be a part of any licenced Ayurvedic or Tantra Spa. It does not involve any banned or illegal activities between sexes. Dubai and Abu Dhabi does not allow certain practices, because they involve male to female or female to male touch, and do not conform to regulations in the UAE eg. Abu Dhabi, or Saudi Arabia, Qatar or certain conservative countries. With respect to the countries and their systems. Tantra should not be illegal because not all! Tantra is intimate or sexual and has been totally misunderstood!

Tantra massage was not illegal 10 plus years ago in the UAE , but recently a new age part of Tantra from the USA took and popularised one path of many paths of Tantra that is self awareness, sensuality and sexual knowledge for making love a greater consciousness and helping couples.  This one practice is only one part of Tantra’s many systems of belief and yoga etc. Many Paths of Tantra and schools.

Tantra ideology, and ancient belief and practice of Yoga and meditation was not sexual at all!! Please see the writings doctorates of many theologians.  Go to Tibet and Nepal for Tantra Mantras and the Buddhist Tantras, visit India and learn from any Ashrams to see what Tantra really is it is often completely misunderstood.  Yes! one part of Tantra has teachings on the intimate love methods and Shakti and Shiva with useful knowledge etc. and it is really useful to this present day and age, but it is not the whole of Tantra!

Also please take time to see into Hinduism, Yoga and the Yantra paths originating in Vedic writungs. Treatises of Tantric thought practise and belief. Tantra scholars in many of the world’s universities can easily explain what Tantra is.  Sadly the use of one path of Tantra only was glorified and popularised to mean the whole of Tantra!. Its not only sexual practice at all, and most of Tantra is nothing to do with sex!  Suddenly the word was morphed on to any and every sensual massage business particularly in cities like london, and then horror of horrors on to escort sites..  suddenly the  UAE banned the term, and made even practitioners of yoga, (Tantra Yoga yes they wear clothes!!) ( Tantra meditation wearing clothes!!) Ayurvedic massages using Tantra methods but totally non sexual, and not involving intimate touch were suddenly treated with suspicion and banned which is ridiculous.

Tantra, is mostly not involved with those issues.

Not all Tantra is the same.  An old Arabic saying said  “Not all fingers on our hands are the same!”

You can safely have a White Tantra massage or #ASMR MASSAGE OR Ayurvedic Tantra Mantra massage  in Dubai or Abu Dhabi or any conservative countries with relaxation only form of Tantra, that is absolutely not involving male to female sensual erotic contact. Red tantra is a term coined to discribe the form of tantra involving the sensual side of energy touch, but a White Tantra is still a totally wonderful way to relax and along with ASMR can be taken in a professional qualified spa that is trained to do this even in more conservative countries.






























Where to view Tantra Massage videos in London, Dubai, for education







Our latest Tantra massage video is an introduction to the feeling that a Red Tantra gives you in London. Red Tantra is the more sensual version to remind you. Heightened level of intimacy and awakening of Kundalini by stimulating the rise from the Mula Bhanda the sensual centre chakra to allow the energy to travel through the shushuma to the heart Chakra and flood the mind with feel good hormones and positive energy.. exquisite minute touch given from the Dakini Goddess to the receiver

What is a Dakini Tantra GUIDE TO TANTRA: What is a Dakini Tantra massage TherapistRed massage


What is a Red Tantra Massage in London



London has the highest ratio of Tantra Massages in the world, with Tantra Yoga groups and Tantric Meditation courses in many parts of London, North London to Hammersmith. Canary wharf to Paddington.

Sadly many,  of those are recent newbees without any certification or genuine Tantra practise. Morphing of the word “Tantra” on just about every massage website or entertainment lady’s website the bra and pants escort agencies latched on to the latest craze Tantra about four years ago. Suddenly London was flooded with massage sites  that became ‘Tantra’ overnight! it really tainted nearly ruined the reputation of genuine Tantra.

Clearly we like the more genuine Tara websites and Margot Anand trained organisations are not from those newer copy paste ones!.With 14 years of good reputation innovation in developing traditional Tantra practice with Taoist touch massage and Ayurveda. We studied differnt paths of Tantric teaching the Yantras in India and developed  an authenticity in pure Tantra healing massages. We were one of the original Tantra Temples operating to a high standard of professional Tantra from 2002 in West London near to Harrods and also  with two other therapists at Westminster and a therapist in lovely Greenwich.  We do are best to educate members of the public about authentic fellow Tantra providers who have the knowledge and qualifications.




White Tantra is a term used by therapists to describe a Tantra which is less sensual and more about healing using Ayurveda combined with minute healing touch. It has also and ancient texts mention Ayurveda along with its sister Yoga in its many forms and the type of Yoga we call Tantra.




# Latest dates


August in Dubai Marina

September in Amsterdam










GUIDE TO TANTRA: What is a Dakini Tantra massage Therapist



in London 

Tantra massage-therapist-masseuse-called-Dakini -Tantra -massage -Goddess- worship -with-Londontantramassage.com
Mary Celia London Tantra therapist latest original Dakini Tantra massage





This Massage is the sensual Tantra and at a different level than our Tantra Massage in Dubai which has a White Tantra.



Professing the power of the secret healing arts of Tantra, and the ability to awaken the ecstacy, energy, pleasure, and positive vitality that is arising within you ….. A Dakini ceremony ritual, is the adoration of your sublime, body, heart and spiritual soul.









  • 2/3 Hours of Goddess traditional Tantra massage. In a candle lit, creation of a temple of massage at a glowing sunset.. A warm nurturing retreat for you to totally let go of your stress release your inhibitions.
  • Aqua bathing in herbal bath ayurvedic oils therapy.


  • Including, Namaste welcome, and a guide to Pranayama essence of breath, and spiritual love, also how you can let go and enjoy.a Kundalini awakening. Mantras whispered, the seductive song of Buddhist meditations, and affirmations. Yantras are used their teach profound and guide the Dakini in her ritual adoration of you.. Light Asanas of Tantric Yoga to enhance the connection.


  • Beautiful romantic, music, that is so melodic, that rises in tune, where each touch of the massage moves the flow of the music meanders too. 


  • Flower bursts of fragrant oils throughout your Tantra massage. Rare and precious oils and essential plant extracts are used at different parts of the massage, their olfactory top notes, enhance the touch massage of your Dakini.. the ebb and flow of  different caresses silken touch soft as a feather guiding your spirit to deeper relaxation. As the massages move through their sequences, different scents of flowers and herbal leaves fill the air, and you are encouraged to breath in their fresh vapours, and pure essence intoxicating yet purifying. Rose de reve, Bali Lemon grass, Sage, Thyme, Cologne Mint, extract of Oud, Neroli orange blossom flowers.


  • The Tantra massage begins with a disrobing of the silken sarong, and a skydance of the Goddess. Soft Touches across your seven Chakras, over the body as light as a feather, a breath of sweetness, almost a summer’s breeze across your body. You will be gently guided to lay down, a positive prayer of Mantras, and the music and gentle touch flow together as a rythm. Slowly she awakens you to feelings of utter bliss, your heart warms, and every stress melts away. Your body eases, you stretch into a dhranurasana, and become receptive to the seductive yet simply healing touch of your Goddess massage. 


  • The Goddess Dakini, uses her body and hands in a flowing yoga of massages to music, and the glide of both, circling your body, and awakening your kundalini energy, travelling up from your seventh Chakra, Mulha Banda,  though all your body’s energy centres, sashuma to each and reaching your heart and to activate ecstacy in your mind, as you reach a state orgasma nirvana, bliss, and a journey, that does not end.. infinite pleasure and consciousness, feeling ‘Out of this world’ A connection with heaven. Total heightened energy, return of youthful vitality, and complete rejuvenation.



Deep relaxation, but you leave the ritual, and full body massage with heightened perception, rejuvenation, positive thought, body and mind balanced and at ease. Tension and stress are totally gone, You are not only relaxed, but feel a certain sparkle energy and a renewed self, alive inspired, creative, and refreshed for weeks to come.



LONDON KNIGHTSBRIDGE Sensational-massages.com

DUBAI TANTRA & Tantra massage and white Tantra the Spa Marina UM Jumeirah 4 Dubai coming soon

AMSTERDAM jordaan studio of Tantra Yoga.







dakini, is a manifestation of liberating energy in female form. They are beautiful enchanting boddhisatvas. Know in vajrayana Buddhism and vedic writings and knowledge. Often called a sky dancer, journeying to heaven and back transporting the one who requests of them, to infinite consciousness and joy.

In Tantra and Tantric teachings or Yantras pathways, and Hinduism sometimes, they are merged with the Shakti, the female form, the goddess who enchant and awakens the Siva the God.  She has the ability to give a healing rejuvenating golden light and activate pleasure through her touch, awaken the happiness within the receiver of her caress, and carry them from darkness and sorrow to the rebirth of their soul? light and never ending Joy. Called Ananda or Nirvana.


Dakini Goddess; of beauty healing meditation and Tantric ritual from Hinduism, to Bodhisatva, Tibet

A Tantra Therapist who is a Dakini, often known as a Shakti.. to awaken Kundalini, has spent years, studying the Tantric arts and rituals, and trained with her Guru? in Ashrams to a high level, to use meditation and expand conciousness to heal, and has been trained to to give also a sensual energy though touch, she has the ability to expand energy of Kundalini and her massages and when she touches you should feel light and uplifting, removing the darkness, away from negativity and reborn full if natural energy.

Dakini Tantra Goddesses, are having many years of training in the secret arts of Tantric Yoga, and would be, lithe? Supple, and beautiful from the soul out. They radiate warmth also peace. The Shaktis, also know the secrets of infinite Tantric love making and the journey to the finite orgasm of Kundalini love, they can teach this, but should refrain from offering this as a union unless she is with her Siva her partner that is note to all!

Dakinis or Shaktis, are also there to heal and guide the receiver to relax and let go of negative emotions, trauma and guide in path of life. To be with  Shakti is to be with a healer also.



Tantra massage & Goddess Yoga Course in Dubai




We have a series of Courses, on Tantra Yoga in Dubai for ladies, and titled ‘How to be your own Goddess, a fun yet empowering course for married ladies or those with partners, who want to awaken the power of the Goddess within themselves! Some beginner techniques for home Tantric massage for their partner. Be a Beautiful Goddess no matter what your age or figure is also the them! Self empowerment, positive and confident new Goddess for today and the modern age, behind the feminity.


Amsterdam Goddess Tantra Massage Day

May 27th 2018 

Zurich Frauen Youni Tantrich Massage Tag

June 19th 2018

Dubai Ladies Goddess Tantra Course

September 2th to 5th

London Goddess Dakini Tantric Yoga and  massage course

September 30th – October 5th 2018



Mary, Karen, Ingrid.




Mary Celia




What are the types of Tantric massages available in Dubai or London. 


LONDON TANTRA MASSAGE. What is a Tantra massage in Dubai. Types of Tantra and Tantric Massage
Spa menu. List of Tantra Massage treatments in London. 2018. Also International Tantric white massage on spa menu for Dubai


“Can you visit the hotel or my home Outcall”

In London we have our latest Home/Hotel visit Tantra Massage to visit you service. If you can not visit the spa or one of our therapists yoga studios. We can provide a home or hotel visit to you, if you can not come to us.


Relax at your home or hotel and have a traditional Tantra retreat recreated in you hotel suite or home by appointment.

Your therapist will bring spa products, 200 plant essentials and herbals, Ayurvedic rich fragrant oils. Silky sarongs, linens, romantic enchanting music, candels and herself your Dakini Goddess. To entrance you with a spiritual healing yet pampering private retreat and authentic genuine Tantra Dakini massage session in the privacy of your home or suite or vacation home.  Perfect for jet lag after a tedious  flight or a long day in the office, trade fare or conference, when you are too tired to travel.. lets come to you. You can choose a complete Tantra Red massage experience with a Dakini Goddess therapist for a fully authentic ceremony and massage treatment. 

3 Hours Tantra Retreat Red Dakini massage.

London SW12 and Greater London Amsterdam Zurich Geneva and Lugano Roma (*Tantra massage in Dubai we follow regulations. Sensitivities allow White tantra).

Tantra Massage female enjoying a London Tantra massage for ladies
Tantra Massage female client in London with Mary Celia the therapist


An inspirational fully qualified Yoga Therapist Guru as we say. Will guide you to an introduction to the fundamentals of both Tantric and Kundalini Yoga. 4 hours to half or full day. She will design a a Tantra fitness programme for you to follow. Guide you the correct way to 7 Asana and a easy to follow routine. A font of knowledge she will modify and adapt the session to suit your requests. Meditation and visualisation to cure anxiety and stress,Yoga Kriyas, mantra and visualisation practise. We have real teachers who know how to teach. Not the confusing mumbo jumbo you read on the net or complex YouTube videos.


4 Hours Tantric Yoga for fitness London Amsterdam ( ** Available in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Tantra studio)


Adults only, we focus on the gift one aspect of Tantra has and then one type of Tantra that’s famous. Sensuality and teaching to improve Your connection with your partner and master your love life. Tantra tips and techniques for self improvement. Introduction to learn beginners Tantra massage techniques, encouraging Kundalini energy through pleasure, how to give pure cosmic nirvana back to your partner. Journey to Amanda. Balancing the 7 chakras, breath and pranayama, how to love your partner for life. Your Yoga Therapist will also teach you how to enact Shakti and Shiva for romance. How to cure PE. Taoism and how art of the Tao has similar teachings to learn from ancient China and Tibetan Tantra.

3 / 4 full day private tuition for Tantra for couples  London Tantra studio, Amsterdam Geneva and Roma (** This type of Tantra would not be available in Dubai UAE due to cultural restrictions and conservative society).



‘Some recent reviews’




” Thank you for the amazing Red Tantric massage, I am still tingling. I really enjoyed and it was way more intense than my experience in Germany and US, with the other Tantra masseuses. Just went to a whole new level I feel really great.

Mark K… USA resident in Dubai UAE March 2018

” Wanted to say many thanks Mary. It was the best Tantra massage I have had. You have a beautiful soul and gifted Tantrica. your touch was so soothing,  extra you gave meant a lot Grazie Bella

Roberto P…  Switzerland Lugano visited Zurich April 2018

“Habibti I miss you, I will come to Amsterdam in June, If you can make it Dubai. I am grateful for your gracious therapy you know I will never forget your wonderful massage Tantric

Ahmed Al … Al Turki  Jeddah KSA Saudia Arabia  Febuary 2018

” Greetings again… both of us appreciate the superb Tantra course learnt a lot! and for all your help, can we pass you contacts to some friends of ours. They asked why we have so much sparkle!

Jill and Lawrence  Wentworth Surrey Tantra in London December 2017



mary celia-london-tantra
London Tantra therapist Asanas by the beach Dorset