About Tantric Massage Day Courses

*Locations in Dubai and London and Amsterdam.

We have  number of Tantra classes and workshops for busy people. The courses aim to give you am introduction to the area of Tantra that you want to learn.


Seychelles Massage Course 

Tantra Massage and White Tantra for a spa … eg. The non sensual healing version suitable for Dubai. Professional massages techniques with Ayurveda


Tantra massage the sensual one which deals with the sensual energy and developing potential power orgasms. Via touch and non touch. Developing Kundalini energy.  Perfect recipe for a couple looking to refresh their love life.

Tantra for relaxation and positive energy. Meditation and Tantric visualisation methods. Perfect to cure stress and anxiety. Read this article (ABOUT TANTRA)  


Tantra for Stress and helping Psychosexual issues and performance issues in Men. Gentle PE techniques remove your issues and become a Master of your body.. great for intimate issues. (Classes are London and Amsterdam based not in Dubai).

Tantra Massage and advance Dakini worship. Tantra body to body touch massage for couples. Using incredible energy. Advanced class learning Tantra dance and Goddess sensuality. How to increase your feminine potential, attract your right partner. Or encourage your husband to show more interest in you. Becoming a beautiful Dakini. Traditional Tantric Goddess.

Tantra fitness and sensual energy fitness classes for Women. Super Pelvic floor and the Jade egg.

About Tantra Massage Day introduction class.. 

We offer one to one and groups of up to 15 people for class size. Also corporate wellness schemes. Class is from 9 am to 5pm with a lunch break.

Each course will cover history of Tantra and the different types of Tantra. Main aspects of Tantric practises. Plus your chosen Tantric type that you wanted to learn. We will cover breathing techniques, 8 forms, basic meditation and how to find your Kundalini energy. Massage techniques do take up to one year dlfor professional healers to learn! But we can give a really useful easy to learn.. intro for you to learn valuable methods for your private life. Certification as a practioner takes longer.

Tantra Massage Techniques.

The pathway to Ananda. From the crown chakra to the root Chakra, connection and flow of energy. Metaphysical aspects. Tantra and its explanation in science and the medical field. Why you feel pulsating energy. Why you can stimulate a happines endorphin orgasm without touch. Mula Banda and the root lock centre of orgasmic and healing kundalini, simple practice methods to rise and uae the positive feeling via yoga and or massage.

ContactBreathing Techniques. Thought for the Day.



Tantric breathing Techniques.

Please read our article on an introduction to breathing techniques used in yoga, and Tantric yoga, also its use in awakening Kundalini energy or in another sensual form of Tantra using and controlling and strengthening ORGASMIC Energy. We help you to learn 4 methods of Prana breath easily.  Pranyama and the origins of Yoga and even Taoist power

Tantra dance class

Latest Tantra or often called Tantric dance for couples!. How this mix of eastern dance, oriental dance energy from India, and very similar to belly dance but using Yoga asana and flow Yoga with Tantric feminine energy .. it can awaken the female deity to a high level of ecstasy.. Awaken your senses to the fullest. Beautiful to watch! wonderful fitnesa training also for ladies.

Tantra dance for couples is a connection excercise to sensual high energy. Transmutation of feelings to dance and an easier way to awaken Kundalini. Traditional Indian and binural  music. We also use stunning modern chill out and hypnotic electric damce music for the modern version in Amsterdam. Incredible evenings. Come and join us!


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Location for Tantric classes and courses 


Canary Wharf Financial district London  November 10th  December 12th

Dubai Tantra Massage and Meditation Course. Souq Al Bahar Downtown Dubai November 29th  December 17th

Amsterdam Tantra Dance class 0ctober 29th 30th.  TANTRIC COUPLES MASSAGE November 1st 2nd

Amsterdam Tantra Massage and Yoga Amsterdam Centraal Quartier and De Pijp. December 2nd and 17th



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