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Tantric massage techniques: Pranayama breath.”

Tantra course exerts, for couples learning Tantra at home and those privately having a Tantra massage in Dubai.



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Tantric Breathing Himalaya Nepal

In this article:


1. A Introduction to Tantra

2. Breath technique Tantric Breathing

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3. Starting Tantra Ritual for Couples and tantra massage


Introduction to Tantra

Tantra is an ideology a practice to improve oneself to relax to feel enlightenment, a practice of mind and body; it is a highly defined spirituality. Tantra is indeed from the same origins as Yoga, and Ayurveda and born from the Indus civilisation in what is now Northen India to borders of Pakistan. Over 3000 years its methods spread and melded, adapted and melted in to the  nearby practice of spiritual enhancement, Buddhism.

TANTRA is a practice; a way of being more spiritual, and gaining access to your body and your minds potential. https://londontantramassage.com/2018/03/14/white-tantra-massage-in-dubai/?wref=tp


Buddhism is a religion to about 300 million people around the world. The word comes from ‘budhi’, ‘to awaken’. It has its origins about 2,500 years ago when Siddhartha Gotama, known as the Buddha, was himself awakened ( Shall we say enlightened) at the age of 35. 563 bc born in Lumbini in beautiful Nepal.

I have taken groups there from Dubai who were studying Yoga and Tantra. 

Is Buddhism a Religion? to many, Buddhism goes beyond religion and is more of a philosophy or ‘way of life’. It is a philosophy because philosophy ‘means love of wisdom’ and the Buddhist path or way can be briefly mentioned asm:

1) to lead a moral life, purity of mind 2) to be mindful and aware of thoughts and actions and to be a part of the greater consciousness, 3) to develop the spirit wisdom and understanding of life and the after life.

Tantra and Yoga have some similar beliefs, and practices, both influenced by the other, but a small part of Tantra, is also teaching on sensuality on energy for  marital bliss, and special ways to use orgasmic energy and, that part is the one most popularised in the west.



While most of the western countries think of sex! when we think of Tantra Yoga, This is wrong, it is not the only Tantric Yoga form! The practice of yoga has thousands of years of history and is actually a truly intense and powerful coexistence of asanas, (Poses), mantra, chanting positive words, mudras signs, Chakras the energy centres 7 to be precise where to flow energy through; like your circulation system, Mula bandha or energy lock practise that you can use to build strength, clarity, and bliss in everyday life.

We learn to engage the forces of Shakti, the sensual female goddess deity that presents in beautiful health, spiritual creativity and energy.

Tantric Yoga helps the body to improve its flow of circulation, also like a fitness of the mind and body, as do its brother and sister Yoga forms, such as Hatha and kundalini Yoga.

We can start feeling more supple fit and at rhythm with own self, feeling more with confidence and thinking in a more positive way.

1. Tantric Yoga can be a whole body experience for every one.

3. Tantra Yoga, as a meditative practice using breath and visualisation to feel more happier and at peace.

2.Tantra Yoga can be another form in its infinity for couples, experiencing a duality of energy and correspondingly a better love life sexuality, and relationship for a lasting family life.

Sex is merely one facet of Tantra and only one.

Tantra, in its manifestation as both the yoga for couples, and the yoga for fitness, together with the massage, encompasses the use of Chakras  seven energy centers of the body), Mantra (Sanskrit affirmations), Asana (yoga poses and stretches), Pranayama breathing and ritual ceremony to awaken Kundalini energy.



Tantra massage and Tantra Yoga uses Tantra breath techniques.

1. For enhancing and stimulating Kundalini energy.

2. For deep aid to meditation, and deep relaxation using with visualisations.

3. For improving power with Tantra for couples or sexual Tantra. A. For PE. B. For developing stronger power orgasms


Samadhi..  state of joy, infinity of soul universe spirit attaining enlightenment.


Shakti is the embodied deity or female element seen in Kashmiri Shaivism Tantra and Shiva is the male god element also seen in Hinduism and the parent belief,  they are in duality and when they join there is a  samadhi or an Ananda a heaven almost.

Shiva is our top most chakra of our heads crown Chakra.  Goddess Shakti is located at the mulha bandha of our spines known as the root Chakra often called the sex centre chakra.

In the type of Tantra that deals with sensuality…..Shakti moves up the body from orgasm, and reaches Shiva at the crown Chakra and travel out to highee infinity.   We feel stronger rush of energy to insight, joy, electricity of pleasure or inspiration, a feeling of being on a higher plane feeling out of body experience hightened perception.



Powerful breath technique for energy and confidence.

Lets start with breathing in and out as if you are taking in air rapidly and quickly, allow the tummy to move out on the inhale and retract the tummy back in on the exhale, do this 20 to 30 times. As you breath in contract the stomach and draw up the pelvic muscle squeeze up,   creating circulation to the 7th Chakra region.

This Tantra breath or rather Pranayamic breath excercise, Bhastrika is taught by gurus as a technique to release the Kundalini energy, and we often call this, “Awakening the serpent” that gets held at the base of the spine due or repressed due the person and their health or state of being a reference to a discriptive phrase for Kundalini or Chi energy.

Now full breath in, and hold the breath and do not breath out till you contract the abdominal muscles  retain the breath,  lower the head very slowly and raise up 6 times facing the head downwards  slowly smoothly release the stomach muscles , turn your hands to palms up mudra. As you exhale, allow the head to float back up. Let your breath flow to relax.

Aakhama Mudra of light.. as you breath to relax bring your thumb and index finger together and point to your heart  centre sternum. Tantra visualize white light pure healing joy of radience, the light flows through your body and shines out transcending like a halo around you.  The Mudra can be used to heal and give confidence and tranquillity at the same time


Tantra Asana Yoga Read more


PE and Anxiety, Concentration.

Ommm… sound in, breathe out,  and deep belly breath in one full breath deep in to the lungs. Focusing visualisation of Ananda of cool misty air from the Himalayas. Hold the breath and tighten diaphragm and Pelvic muscles 5 seconds. Now release breathe in, long exhale let the breath travel out down the shashuma spine the bamboo core as we say. Feeling relaxation peace flow through from crown chakra to Mulha bandha base of the spine. Ahhh..

Let yourself become aware of your state of being. Feel release of tension. Remember visualisation is important aspect of Tantra.

I have taught Tantic visualisation to endurance athletes. Simliar methods are now used with Sport physchologists to great effect.



White Tantra for positive thinking and the cure to anxiety through massage points and Yoga

Dubai  Marina Address hall 2

November 30th 2018



Red tantra course

Cadogan place and the Belgravia Yoga centre London UK

September 30th  October 9th November 11th  December 18th


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Tantra Massage course Dubai


The legal form of Tantra. Professional Ayurvedic Spa and Tantra massage.

Professional Tantra massage course


2018  Courses and Worshops /Europe / Middle East.

Dubai  29th September 2018

November 15th              2018

December 2nd                2018

January     8th                  2019


Jumeirah 4 Um Suqueim road entrance to Madina Jumeirah,  Also Amwaj building JBR Dubai Marina. 


Inroduction to White Tantra Massage and Ayurveda  in the UAE.



Course for Couples and Spa therapists. For Spa treatments


Course Includes:

“What is White Tantra or Spiritual Tantra”

White Tantra, is the spa and non sensual version of standard Tantra. An authentic full body deep relaxation massage that involves, light touch healing massages with special techniques of soft massages which follow a rythm to music around the whole body. It involves removing blockages of tension and stress, which we say involves the repression of Kundalini energy often known as “”Chi”” in a depressed tired or negative person.  We say promoting a better flow of energy though the Seven Chakra of the body. Eg. Heart Lungs Digestion etc. Receiver feels more vitality of self afterwards more fresh and deep relaxation.

The concept, and practice of Tantra is very ancient with 3000 years of history and is a close partner to tradional Ayurveda. Originating in the early indus civilisation of India. When many of Hindus early cultural practices and symbols originated. Eg the Bindi mark on the temple forhead, early Yoga and Mudras. Tradional teachings came about and spread through Mantras and Yantras of wisdom and knowledge and meditation chanting and song. The practise of meditation healing and Yoga and the incredible discovery of Kundalini energy, and enlightenment with the use of meditation and healing practices, spread far even through the Himalayas, to be also welcomed into some Buddhist practises also. There is also a silk road cousin in China. Daoism or the Tao.




Our course includes:


White Tantra Healing the Soul

Method of feeling the client’s energy levels. Feeling and removal of  anxiety and stress on arrival. Use of hands on, and laying on of hands to encourage heat and relxation by the way of music healing touch and the dance of hands and music encourages a tingly sensation of vitality in the receiver.



Tantra Touch Massage Tantic massage principles.

Non sensual White Tantra, is purely a beautiful rhythm massage to Indian music. Using complex patterns of energy massage though finger tips in a constent dance rythm of toych whic activates feel good lasting euphoria. Deeply pamering deep relaxation experience , where the recieve lays back and connects with the greater consciousness. Really a deep sonse of knowledge and well being after the spa ritual.




Tantric rituals for a licensed Spa Treatment.

We discuss. The 7 chakra ritual of massage and Tantra massage.from the secret gentle flow massages, to the bathing ceremony. Client stretch Asanas to connect energy while having the massage. Use of minute feather touch to stimulate the feel good vibe and lightness of spirit in a spa rital of white Tantra.

Red Tantra the Sensual Tantra for couples.

The popular Kashmiri Shavism Tantra. The 10 per cent of Tantra that deals witb sexuality and sensuality.

For the happiness and lasting long relationship, for a happy couple.  Including methods to master orgasm delay ejaculation,889 and use orgasmic energy to intensify the pleasure in any partner experience. How the orgasm can be extended and heightened to reach a level where it turns to a life force energy.

Red Tantra is not allowed in Dubai.

Tantric massage Techniques. Ethics and licensing. Is Tantra allowed in Dubai and the UAE or Saudia Arabia.

6 Day course covers additional skills for any professional Tantra massage therapist. From drapping the towel. To arranging the client’s booking.

We discuss licenses and regulations. What is allowed in a Spa in the UAE?Dubai.

Why, White Tantra can be registered on the spa menu when dealing with the licencing authorities. Not female to male. Or Male must be fully draped with a towel. Where and what parts of the body can you massage or not.

Why Tantra the white form conforms to regulations in Dubai.

Is Tantra allowed in Dubai

Ethics and respect to modest and conservative countries. Who to register your ITEC qualifications when requesting a license. What is and is not allowed in a White Tantra massage. Eg erotic or sexualised massage is not allowed in Dubai and nether is Red Tantra.  What to not include when welcoming your client!. Respecting peoples boundaries.

De armouring ceremonies and letting go ritual.relieve severe stress with relaxation and breath control.




The three types of Tantra in London.. professional courses and classes.  

Tantra Massage

Tantric Yoga

Tantra feeling and kundalini
Dubai Yoga by the beach may in Dubai Tantra Yoga Day



White Tantra non sensual healing Massage and Spa ritual.