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In countries like Dubai  many people follow fitness programmes, and ask what yoga excercise can do for you? What is the best form of yoga of the many types that would be suitable for a beginner?

What is Tantra Yoga? is it the same as Kundalini Yoga? Is it hard to do like Ashtanga.. Can we join the new weekly free Safa park yoga classes in Dubai?


Please come along to your local yoga festival such as Xyoga which is back at kite beach in sunny Dubai March 2018. Or Om yoga in London in the summer.

Demonstrations on Kundalini Yoga, Ashtanga, Tantra Yoga and meditation, Acroyoga the, and the world’s oldest yoga teacher, dear Tao Porchon-Lynch who is in her late 90s.. inspiration to the value of yoga and supple strength excercise in later life.. how to keep younger for longer, will be attending events such as the yoga festival in Dubai. A great for people to decide which form of yoga is best suited for them.


The value of Tantra yoga can be immense. A sister of Kundalini yoga, with the use strongly of meditation, visualisation, simple asanas, (Asana is the word for Yoga positions). Positive breathing and a set of excercises for deep meditation.

Tantric Yoga

The other Tantra!


Tantra yoga has for many, the idea of only sensuality that resonates to everyone believing its illicit and not to be mentioned in polite society! Or the Vicar’s tea party! and is all that people think about when they think of Tantra… this is simple not true, when the sensuality aspect its a part of one type of Tantra only!  Also you can practise tantra yoga without be involved in the part that is intimate or behind closed doors!  Tantra can be much more than that!


To practice a Tantric  form of yoga is a great way become one with your body! not just physically, but also spiritually meditating is a part of each asana. resulting, is a balance of the whole body.  A feeling a rush of energy after completing your asanas or poses.. awakening you for the day a head and rejuvenation is a part of your excersise routine.. 20 mins and beyond  can invigorate you and remove tension headaches stiffness, depression and low motivation… though visualisation stretching muscles and breathing correctly.. on each pose.  You will feel peace concentration… then a rush of kundalini energy.  Yes  couples may be interested to learn some tantra yoga poses to practice.. but also a single person can practise a 20 minute set of Tantra or a group class! People often mention a Tantric asana pose sequence. To help you feel better at the start of the day or in the evening to wind down after a stressful period!.

What Is Tantric Yoga and what is the history?


Tantra yoga spiritual practice and meditation from the 5thcentury in India I will be writing more about that in another article.

The term Tantra means word and term that simply is ‘to expand’ consciousness and self knowledge.  Look at the concept and purpose of tantric yoga as methodology that helps vision, conscious peace and self knowledge. Tantra Yoga or White Tantra massage, is way practitioners can become elevated in understanding themselves, and how they can join together with the consciousness of nature the universe and life itself. Bringing a feeling of natural peace empathy and understanding of yourself and the life that surrounds you, with that you feel more confident, relaxed, lose fear and anxiety.. slowly become more positive, engaged and feel a sense of clarity, happiness and ability to cope with all the challenges that life has thrown at you. Gliding through without a feeling depression or more able to reject negative trauma rather than letting it weigh you down.

Tantra, knowledge, wisdom and awareness of oneself and others.. immaterial things and earthly worries disappear, existence of dimension, developing a harmonious relationship with yourself and your partner and people around you, what connects us to Tantra on a spiritual level. Tantra yoga opens up the mind, and your physical body via simple slow excercise poses, breathwork, positive visualisation, fundamental aspects of the circle or mantra, the basis of tantra or or tantric yoga systems.

“Shiva and Shakti the God and Goddess” Two terms explaining male and female energy and forces of duality. Power and strength  Creativity and movement and gentleness.. often used in the terminology and dwelt more on with the other more sensual aspects in the modernised other Tantra.


Tantra yoga  a stem from the well know Hatha Yoga, but influenced from kundalini yoga, Bhakti, Raja, and Karma yoga. It is also more focused, with meditation and positive thoughts and breathwork, it can have easy to complete and engage in, asanas or poses, it can also be suitable for those who wish to engage in the yoga with a meditation aspect without contortions that will need a high fitness level, more open to all shapes sizes! and physical fitness levels. Some Tantra Yoga can be similar to Kundalini yoga depending on how a class is taught.


Western or modern Tantric yoga has been made easier than the original purist Indian tantra yoga.. easier asanas more stretch work and methodology focuses on meditation and periods of rest.

Couples Tantric yoga is a form that is more westernised and focuses on engaging techniques that help couples to work together to perform the asanas. Basically you  pairs up to perform fitness poses, and yoga asanas while meditating, and focuses on the basis of shakti and shiva, and helping each other in simple terms, to build a flow of energy from each other.. awakening your true kundalini power and strength through that of your partner. Couples Tantra yoga is also away of rising kundalini energy in yourself positively, engaging your partner though this positive energy etc.. eventually enables build a more happier and fulfilling relationship.


Couples Tantric yoga can be an excercise routine in a class or at home. Yes you are wearing clothes!

Yes so to those in Dubai, it would be ok to practice Tantric Yoga on the beach.! It is not an illegal rated nude or naturist, it is an exercise routine!

There is another ‘couples Tantric yoga’ from karmasutra and the left hande tantra school. That is different form of Tantra. We will discuss that in my later article or sensual Yoga. The other form of Tantric.





Is the acceptable, healing and spiritual face of Tantra massage. The therapy is part Ayurvedic massage, and uses kundalini energy healing methods, Ayurvedic oils and herbals, breath work instruction, that is simple for the receiver to follow and helps the process of relaxation.  Advanced Tantric soft touch massages flow energy through all of the 7 chakras in a natural rhyhm of touch a biorhyhm thats deeply relaxing! Combines soft lightening.. Mantra music, massage techniques of ayurveda, and kundalini with tantra. This can be performed in any spa in a conservative country such as Dubai or Abu Dhabi. That conforms to any spa licence and is suitable for everyone.. you must wear a towel. It is a not a extras massage or touching intimate areas..!






Mary Celia & Karen in London

Preety Chowdry and Yogi Raji in Dubai























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