2018 Tantra Yoga and Tantra massage

January to December 2018

Dubai and Abu Dhabi …(White tantra massage and Yoga only).

London Belgravia… (White and Red Tantra and Yoga classes

Amsterdam Jordaan

Zurich and Zug by the lake… (Red Tantra and Yoga classes)

Monaco (Red Tantra only)

Latest updates for your calender with London, and Mary Celias Belgravia.


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latest courses in January in Jumeirah. May in Jumeirah, and the Atlantist Palm Tantra course..


Course includes:

Introduction to the elements of a “White Tantra massage” and practice of the relaxation professional tantra and kundalini massage and its use in a regulated licensed spa. This is not the sensual or red tantra which would be not allowed on a spa included services list in Dubai or Abu dhabi.

Tantra its history and development and massage techniques non sensual. 

  • Tantra kundalini and Reiki healing massage techniques, soft flow massage stroke and light effleurage method. Creating heating and warmth in a massage. Using gentle positive touch.
  • Tantra massage oils and how to use ayurvedic oils in a kundalini massage or a white tantra massage. How to blend aromatherapy 136 herbal oils and combine those to create and lift the mood and senses of the massage receiver and client. The use of oude oils and sandelwood with cedar wood oil and coconut oil in the massage. Natural ayurvedic herbal compounds and oils for gentle pouring over the massage receiver. How to instructions.
  • Kundalini and what is Kundalini Tantra, energy meditation how to give warm positive energy as a healer and therapist to the massage client and receiver. Healing massage techniques.
  • 7 Chakras what are the energy centres of the body and how we flow kundalini energy through these during a deep relaxation Tantra massage. Circular massages head to toe. How to keep a towel over the receiver so intimate areas are covered! So the massage client is kept covered and conforming with normal spa massage practise and regulations. So you can receive and perform a massage in a professional way.
  • Ethics of Tantra massage the difference between Red sensual Tantra. and White non sensual Tantra relaxation healing massages only.
  • The secrets of Tantric Yoga and its use in a Tantra massage. How to relax and encourage positive feelings and remove negative tension for someone who is receiving the massage…
  • Dakinis and the neo tantra massage in Germany and UK. What is allowed and what is not allowed in a certified professional spa! Types of Tantra massage allowed in UK and Europe. Red Tantra. Tantric Yoga for couples v Ayurvedic massage from India. Combining these for an amaxing massage in a spa.
  • Use of kundalini breath work and pranayamic breathing excercises for a massage receiver. How to deeply relax a massage client.
  • Tantra soothing music that is played for the massage receiver to listen to, what music we use and it is used in a tantra massage. Mantra music and gentle chanting of mantras. Om shakti devi Om.
  • Four senses of Tantra.
  • Regulations for your spa in Dubai. Including a Tantra massage on your spa menu..

London based Tantra courses and Tantric yoga.


Dubai based regular White Tantra courses for spas, also for couples or individuals.

Jumeirah 4. Palm the Golden mile fitness studio.  Location for courses.

Kite beach Jumeirah 3.

for free Tantra Yoga classes with preety through out the year in Dubai.
















  1. Courses on Tantra for 2018

    Dont forget..

    that is allowed in spas.. is not related to sex.. it is a healing form.. that you wear a towel.. as Ayurveda. This can be achieved on a spa license in conservative countries.. eg. DUBAI UAE ABU DHABI. BAHRAIN. KUWAIT.

    sadly many fake tantras are promoted that has convinced authorities and health authority that Tantra is a bad word!!! They have been misinformed.. Tantra does not have to be sensual! It does not have to be sexual….
    Red Tantra is sensual.. but not sexual

    White Tantra is health and healings only
    Tantra Yoga is a normal fitness form of yoga!!

    Tantra spirituality and meditation is a religion and part of spiritual belief go to Nepal!

    One part of Tantra deals with energy via sensual orgasm
    One part of Tantra has teachings for a happier love life

    The others Tantras are not sensual sexual or illegal.

    Tantra yoga is practised in licensed studios in Dubai!!!

    Tantra meditation and Kundalini are a form of yoga.. you wear clothes.

    Please stop the rise of the word Tantra being given a dirty name!

    5 years ago there was a move for members of brothels s.x workers and providers to use word Tantra on their dirty unverified not certified massage sites.. they did not know tantra.. when people had these bad fake experiences of tantra… they reported it to authorities in U AE.. eho were misled to believe tantra.. is word for escort.. everyone started to treat tantra is an ilegal activity.. blindly reacting to a few fake sites not understanding what is Tantra at all.. suddenly Tantra was placed as a banned item!!! We campaign to remove ban.

    Yoga teachers..who legally practice tantra. As excerise in studio .. teachers were treated with suspicion. Even yoga was getting polluted by fake massage centres.

    White Tantra is Ayurvedic. Not sensual and legal.
    Tantra yoga is legal

    Please help educate.

    Red Tantra the genuine form not the escort fake version. Is wonderful but allowed and practised in UK. INDIA. NETHERLANDS. GERMANY FRANCE SPAIN ITALY USA SINGAPORE. AUSTRALIA

    White Tantra can ve licensed and in spas in UAE
    Also yoga.


    Not everyone is an escort false MASSAGE. Education and knowledge is power.

    Arabic saying “Not all our fingers are the same”

    Thanks from guests reading the site

    Preety Chowdary
    Usra Al shamsi Abu dhabi
    Yoga Osho Asram

    Society of Yoga teachers


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