Discuss Tantra Massage in Dubai at a recent Tantra Awakening Class in the Marina 

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Sarah (melis) at a recent Tantra evening
All about Tantra pt 1 introduction.
Mary and Sarah trained in osho Ashram and both studies with Swarmiji, and Mary has been conducting Tantra at least 9 years and now full a Shakti. She regular teaches in Dubai Abu dhabi, kuwait, and offers Tantra KUNDALINI massages professionally with love.. and sensual healing. Mary is famous for her adorable tantra massages and intuitive love given to clients, offering a float away from it all sensual Tantra-kundalini retreat experience.
Mary is well regarded and has thousands of followers and clients. 

Sarah Brockton moved from modelling to training as a therapist 7 years ago she felt Tantra profoundly changed her world after a year in Rishikesh and Poona at the Ashram. She is a goddess of Tantra for both men and ladies. Offering also courses to ladies on empowering their inner goddess in Dubai on the Palm. 

Here they both share some teaching from their classes and lovely private massages. For further details do continue to other subjects in the site, in different posts,  Such as how to do a massage, sensual oils in Tantra, how to book a session, what a retreat sensual massage is like.. 


Introduction course in Tantra in Dubai


Hi everyone, eewould like to discuss some of the founding principles of Tantra before you begin to have a Tantra massage in Dubai..

Perhaps nothing is more exotic, dramatic and sensational in India’s Yoga traditions than
the practice of Tantra. No other approach to Yoga has gained such a fascination from people all over the world, the entertaining and the enigmatic. Tantra offers both spiritual and worldly success and prosperity and advanced  sensual practise to a superlative degree.

It covers not only internal yogic experiences of chakras, lokas and deities, but also has many important healing practices for body and mind.

On top of this it adds special means of heightening sexual pleasure, gaining success and
Improving how you enjoy life– as if it could be used for achieving all human desires. There is
in Tantra something for everyone.

Even in India, Tantrics are often portrayed as great magicians with special powers to overcome difficulties and fulfill our desires, using gems, mantras, yantras and pujas to get the Gods on our side and remove negative forces and bad karmas that get in the way of our happiness and really effect our ability to appreciate life in Dubai. Tantra really offers methods of relaxation and how to improve your mood how to feel good about yourself.

It’s tantra massage form is considered the world’s best sensual massage for its combination of heightened pleasure inducing touch and stimulation of the pleasure centres of the body which leads to feelings of euphoria

Tantrics may use well-defined systems of knowledge, particularly Vedic astrology but also Yoga and Ayurveda and claim to be experts in them. But often their claim is more personal, relative to their own special powers or siddhis and
connections with deities, gurus or even ghosts that can work for us in mysterious ways that circumvent any outer limitations we may be facing.

Some Tantric gurus are considered to be so powerful that their touch or glance alone can
grant whatever wish we come to them hoping to gain. They offer us quick and miraculous
means to accomplish what our own efforts, karma and destiny appear to deny us. Naturally, these gurus can charge a lot for such results or demand our personal loyalty

Many Indian politicians have routinely employed such Tantrics, hoping to use their powers to win elections and defeat their enemies. This
magical Tantra makes for entertaining stories and even our celebrity clients practise Tantra in Hollywood.

Even genuine gurus may be looked upon with such a vision as being able to grant our desires, but actually that teach you how to empower yourself.

The human wish for Divine intervention to make our lives better and conform more with
what we would like them to be. Such efforts to use This Tantric wish-fulfillment allure is very different than the deeper Tantric teachings that require profound knowledge, grace and personal effort to

reach realms of bliss beyond ego and desire. But they are easier to get people’s attention.. We try to simplify  the basic teachings to help you improve your life and relate to your partner first.

In the West, Tantric teacher is usually meant largely one who teaches Tantric sex, a combination of a Tantric ritualistic yogic approach to sex along with the Kama Sutras and latest psychology. Western Tantric Yoga teachers are generally teachers of sexual practise. While Tantra massage therapists are providers of energy that they have learnt and givers of energy  awakening your inner power. Guide you to reach the powerful feelings of orgasmic energy of kundalini a vital force to feeling younger, brighter positive and moving forward with your life.


Tantrikas may be sex therapists as well. Their claim Also Tantra therapists goal is is to make the experience of sex not only more sacred but also more enjoyable.

Of course, it is in Tantra that we find the most detailed worship of the Goddess, which
naturally brings up the image of erotic beauty. Traditional Tantra is associated with the Goddess or Shakti, the Shakta tradition, which is the main basis of its teaching, so the image of the Goddess dominates most of Tantra. Western Tantra is
similarly part of a revival of the worship of the Goddess.

We teach ladies that they can be empowered physically and mentally and sensually to feel good about themselves not ashamed not repressed and demoralised to a second level status as some cultures do. Send belief in yourself your greater good your abilities, your own beauty, to feel you are worth being adored! Can make ladies feel outstanding and their husbands partners treat them better. Also by feeling good about themselves that can gift living energy and treasure their partner their relationship.

Yet Shakti the goddess is not simply about sex, which is but one aspect of cosmic energy thats sensual particularly powerful in our embodied nature, but all forms of the cosmic powers. The forces of nature as lightning, sunlight and moonlight are also Shaktis! as are the powers of the five
elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether. The electromagnetic forces of the physical
world and of the psyche are also forms of Shakti. Shakti worship is not worship of sex but
understanding all these cosmic forces and their workings. Great Tantrics can work with all
these Shaktis both of the external and internal worlds.

Other aspects of Tantra, have now come to the West as well, often distortions occur with the wrong therapists and teachers here in Dubai offering a tantra service

Kundalini and the chakras are a common
portrayed quite differently than in classical Yoga. Chakras are not looked upon so much
as centers of spiritual experience as in traditional Tantric Yoga as places of physical and
emotional healing. Such chakra healing is common in many New Age approaches, including various forms of massage, body work, energy work and pranic healing.
How to book and what does a Tantra massage with a London therapist include


The chakras, which are originally energy centers in the subtle body, are often reduced to a
physical formula. While this may have its health benefits, it does not unfold the deeper
aspects of chakra energy in Yoga practice, which require intense sadhana, mantra,
pranayama and meditation.
Be careful of going to the wrong new age guru or therapist because some act in a wrong way and are rather immoral and this is not Tantra.

It also causes us to miss the fact that Tantra in the broader sense is a deep, profound, highly spiritual and very aesthetic way of understanding the conscious universe and put interelation with it.


Apart from these old and new distortions, we must recognize that Tantra is a complex
tradition, with many sides and facets going beyond and even contrary to these popular
fantasies. Tantra is interwoven with the spiritual teachings of India and beyond, going
back far into ancient history. The popular understanding of Tantra, not only in the West
but even in India today, represents only a small part of this vast system of knowledge.


We could compare the state of Tantra with that of Yoga, with which it is related. Like Tantra, the physical side of Yoga is emphasized – the practice of yogic postures or asanas – even though these represent a small part of classical Yoga, whose main
concern is meditation. We live in a materialistic and media age in which spiritual traditions
are recast or scaled down into a physical and sensationalistic model. This may popularize
but it also easily diminishes and distorts.
Such a sensate image of Tantra may cause some people to want to reject anything
Tantric altogether. Certain spiritual groups East and West like to avoid Tantra for this
reason. This is a mistake of another kind because it causes them to overlook the positiveaspects of Tantra, its wealth of knowledge and practices about all the subtle enlightenments how to harmonize actions in the human realm with the
Divine worlds above.
Tantra is a precise system of knowledge that provides  specific results if employed correctly. The application of mantras, rituals, pranayama and
meditation in Tantric teachings is probably the most elaborate and complete in the entire
Yoga tradition. Tantra also shows us how to employ such systems as Vedic astrology,
Vastu and Ayurveda for deeper levels of protection and healing.

It is in Tantra that we find the most detailed explication of the power of mantra, with every
syllable of the Sanskrit alphabet precisely defined. It is the bija mantras of Tantra, the Shakti mantras like Hrim and Shrim that are the most powerful of all mantras. Tantra Similarly provides the greatest explanation of the use of yantras or geometrical meditation devices that are important tools of concentration and meditation. For example, the
worship of Sri Chakra and Sri Yantra, is probably the most important and detailed of all
the Yoga teachings. The entire universe and the subtle body are present in the Sri
Chakra. Its worship profound.



Yes Tantra can mean sex. Tantra is commonly associated with special sexual practices, different sexual postures, and  rituals. This does
represent an aspect of Tantra and of Hindu thought, such as is found in the Kama Sutra,
the Hindu manual of sexual love. While Tantric teachings mention such practices, it
should be noted that they are not its main focus, nor are they necessary parts of Tantric Yoga, the main practices of which, like all true yoga traditions, is mantra and meditation. Many Tantric texts contain no references to sexual practices. Others mention them as preliminaries or as only one possible line of approach. Yet others regard them as mere
metaphors or symbols. The broad approach of Tantra contains ways to turn all ordinary activities – including breathing, eating and sleeping – into rituals or sacred actions, but this does not mean that
Tantra is promoting such activities for ordinary gratification.

Tantra does contain sexual Yogas,  it is wrong to think that Tantra is limited to them. In the same light Tantric art, which has an erotic appearance, is meant as  instruction but it is not a glorification of ordinary sexuality, though it is unafraid of this
force and is able to see the cosmic power working behind it.


Tantric teachings are also an integral part of the monastic and ascetic traditions of India.
There is a strong Tantric side to the Vedantic Swami orders, which involves the worship
of the Goddess and the Sri Yantra. Most Hindu ashrams and monasteries conduct
regular forms of Tantric worship. Shankaracharya (c. 500 AD), the founder of the
Vedantic monastic orders, was himself a great Tantric adept, yogi and devotee of the
FGoddess, though he was also a sage and philosopher of the Absolute.

A true Tantric master is a person who is a master of mantra or an energetic type of Yoga
practice.  Great Tantric
teachers include figures like Shankara, Ramakrishna, and Nityananda, who were life-long
celibates. Yet this does not mean that one has to be celibate to benefit from Tantra. Tantra is not
characterized by sexuality or its negation, but by various energetic approaches like
mantra and yantra which can be applied on many levels and which provide tools for
people of all temperaments and capacities. Tantra emphasizes methodologies of transforming energies and is not concerned with either suppression or ordinary indulgences through which energy is dissipated.
Sexuality and Liberation
The spiritual traditions of India – whether Hindu, Buddhist, or Jain – emphasize
transmuting sexual energy because sex is the core energy of our existence. This has
created two approaches. The first is a renunciate tradition in which all sexual activity is
voluntarily given up. The second is a householder tradition in which moderation in sexuality is practiced.
The householder tradition may include sexual yoga practices, also aims at sustaining the social
order through the family system, and thereby emphasizes sexual purity and loyalty and tantric love between partners. That is why a Tantra Shakti therapist foes not do full service with the receiver its not ethical! This marks the point where fraudulent fake Tantra ofter full service and extras and you can easily see they are absolutely fake. This is a big problem in Tantra to do. Everyone climbs on and exploits the word tantra! Beaware in most cities,  just trying to finding an authentic and decent massage While understanding many Tantra adverts are false!

the renunciate tradition is generally thought to be more direct because it allows the
aspirant to focus entirely on practice, this is only a general rule. Many great yogis have
come from householder traditions, and many Vedic rishis were married and had children.
According to the Hindu tradition, human beings can live a householder life and fulfill their
social and family duties and still achieve liberation. This is particularly important today
when monasticism is in decline worldwide. Yoga is part of an organic process of higher evolution whereby we naturally come to transcend our outer limitations into a state
of inner freedom and contentment.

It does not tell us that we must give up what provides us with happiness, but suggests that we should consider where our real happiness comes
from. True happiness resides in consciousness, not in any material form.

The Yoga tradition does not reject sexual energy as evil, bad, or shameful. Celibacy is
only recommended along with spiritual practices to transmute that energy for usage on
another level.

Without meditation practices the Yoga tradition considers that celibacy may be harmful because the unused energy can stagnate and cause various physical and emotional problems. Yet without some control of sexual energy there will not be the
power necessary to do higher meditation practices.



Tantra affirms the importance of the body as a temple for the Divine and grants it a
sacred reality. It views our psycho-physical organism as a microcosm in which the
individual soul can understand the workings of the entire universe. For this reason Tantra
has been regarded as a body-affirmative form of spiritual tradition, as opposed to teachings which negate the body.

Yoga looks upon the body as a temple for the Divine and as a mirror of the universe. On the other hand, ordinary values that affirm the body as the means to ultimate happiness end up abusing the body in order to achieve pleasures that are never really fulfilling anyway. Some perversions unnatural practise is frounded apon in Tantra.

The body is the best vehicle nature can provide to aid us in our spiritual growth and is a
great symbol for the different levels and powers of the cosmos. We should respect the body and care for it properly because it is our means of gaining
experience and enlightenment. Without energy and sensitivity in the body we cannot go
far on the spiritual path.

There is a natural intelligence in the body that shows us how to use it in the right way.! Eat well Eat the right foods excerise with Yoga and chakra dance all worship the body it is your temple and vehicle to higher enlightenment!and This intelligence, which part of the cosmic mind, reveals itself
when we no longer use the body .
The truth is that we are inherently happy and free as conscious beings, even without a body. Supreme happiness lies in being who we really are, which is not mere flesh but pure awareness. Hence the idea that Tantra is body-
affirmative should be understood only in the sense that Tantra regards the body as a sacred ground for the Divine Self swell.


Kundalini, often translated as the serpent power, is a term which has gained some recognition today, particularly in yogic and New Age circles, though it is seldom properly understood. Kundalini literally means a coiled-up energy or the power that dwells in a cave (kunda). For any transformation to be possible, an energy is needed to bring it
about. For the transformation of consciousness a special and powerful energy is needed.
This is Kundalini we awaken the kundalini in a tantra massage and the awakening of KUNDALINI is higher pleasure ecstasy.

Tantra presents a whole yogic and mantric science for developing Kundalini. Some school of Tantra focus on the orgasmic power aspect of kundalini and the left handed Tantra school focuses of charging the KUNDALINI as pure orgasm. This is easier to do using the physical and equisite stimulation of skin on skin and nude body touch.

Tantric science has its foundation or parallels in Vedic, Vedantic and Yoga texts that speak of the transforming word (vak), the energy of consciousness (cit-shakti), or the
power of knowledge (jnana-shakti), which are synonyms for Kundalini.
The traditional role of Kundalini is different than the way in which it is generally viewed
today. Kundalini is a form of the Goddess and should be worshipped as Her power. A Divine energy to be revered.

The arousing of the Kundalini can occur through intense devotion or profound meditation and Higher direct realization, breath and touch are used as we stimulate and caress the orgasmic Kinds.

Energy always follows consciousness and does not have to be approached as an end in
itself. Consciousness and energy are one in the same. This helps the KUNDALINI to arise and rejuvenate you to higher ecstacy.


In our classes we continue with TANTRIC Yoga Asanas and breath work. Advanced Tantra course moves to the sexual methods for a couple to engage and awaken the KUNDALINI. Please note we will then cover. Tantra for men. It’s life afirming vital methods to empower the lingham. To last longer and overcome premature ejaculation. METHODS to give power to the man in this relations of love.

We hope you have found this part of our Tantra course interesting and we will bring informative essays on our work when we can.


Then please contact one of the lovely Goddess Shaktis.  Please check out profile page.