and yes it all starts with curing your premature ejaculation problem and lasting longer…


It all starts with, the longer you last the more the orgasm grows stronger, and the more defined and extended your orgasm is the more your Kundalini energy is allowed to flow and rejuvenate, or so we are taught in Tantric scripts. Tantra has some of the best techniques and teaching to extend and stay erect longer, because the greater the orgasm the stronger the energy and elevated the Kundalini. It’s a key goal in Tantric ritual and practise.

Ladies! in Tantra also need longer to climax, and again we return to the essential skill of remaining erect, and for as long as possible. Everyone has heard of the Marathon Love sessions of Tantric sex. Even in the religion and cultural of Daoism we have a similar belief and practise. Many releases were supposed to weaken the man and reduce is life force longevity! The aim was for a powerful, once a day extreme orgasm that stimulated his cellular renewal.



“we discussed this in our free workshop, on Tantra in Abu Dhabi in December. Also the Tantra massage in Dubai for ladies in November evening…  We received so much positive feedback back”

In our “London Tantra massage and Tantric Yoga courses” for couples we teach the special techniques, which we developed using Tantra plus ♡  the latest Best methods from psycho-sexual counselling, and urology in UK. With gifted teachers and patience. We at Celias and London Tantra, developed a easy to learn method to cure PE! in one to three easy sessions! 4 point cure premature ejaculation Syndrome as we have used in Europe for last eight years.

4 Methods for men to Learn to last longer and no more Premature ejaculation with Tantra and karmasutra 

~ you can always join our course for advanced Tantric massage techniques to over come PE and last forever ~

  • Tone your muscles 

Intimate muscle tightening. For a month of practise. When a man goes to the bathroom, practise stopping the flow for 3 seconds twice each time you go to bathroom. It’s like kegel but used in Daoism ant Tantra. To tone male sexual muscles. Do this daily. Tighten. Pubococcygneus the web of muscles interweaving  around the genitalia of bothe female and male. Weakened loose muscles have less control. Levator ani muscles need to be strengthened in certain men who are not able to control ejaculation. It is one of the helpful methods to practise and has similar methods in Tantra.  It can be used also to the strengthen the orgasm too.  Also used to support the prostrate and is a intensifier in prostrate massage for male health. Often known as PCM muscles or intimate Tantric Gym. We often teach our clients to move the Lingham itself! Not a party trick!  As if weight training. Creates a hard erection.

Important for Lingham strength and functionality as men age. Practised by our Gurus into their 90s. Use it! or lose it. Tantric Gym♡

  • Stress relief breathing empower you.

10 second nasal breathing. Deep inhale long exhale. Called belly breathing. Similar to Pranayama extention. Concentrate while in the act of thrust, and extend the breath.

Also practise breath and each day Tighten  PCMs.  We teach also 5 Asanas yoga positions which of Tantric in particular which focus, on mindfulness and control when abstaining from orgasm. Or simply put, not coming too fast or early. Reconnect mind and lingham with breathing.

  • Multiple thrust technique with advanced Tantric Yoga

Use a 10 mixed thrust technique short and then longer, with your wife or partner 5 short and 2 longer while taking deep belly breathing and pulling in on with drawing stage.

Regarding ejaculation learn, this is one of our 108 techniques, and it helps the ladies to do this! Fact the testicles rebound up into the scrotum before release in intercourse,  try to gently ease them away from the body to stop release, a well trained lady can do this for you.

  • Longer foreplay.. 7 chakra.
  • Head to knee yoga position to stretch the muscles and release tension your pc muscles.
  • Spend longer on foreplay! using also the trace techniques, cool touch circular movements to the whole body.
  • Do not use the missionary position, but use a lotus goddess over the man position to control the 7 thrust in and out methods…..            “so much more on our London Tantric massage and couples evening classes   ”   


TANTRA in Dubai. Free course.

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“LATEST CURE PE 3 HOUR TEACHING CLASS with the 4 point tantric master lover course”

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GENUINE BRITISH AUTHENTIC TANTRA MASSAGE Dubai and London…  highly qualified lady therapists, bringing the joy of sensual and certified massage and teaching with professional courses also.


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Don’t loose it as you get older!

Learn how Tantra massage and TANTRIC Yoga’s ancient virility and sexual knowledge can help the man to keep going! vital and pleasing his lover. All natural ways. Just knowledge and techniques from the karmasutra and TANTRIC master loves training.

Today we discuss health benefits and the latest medical knowledge from London’s, too medical studies, and our research and post graduate dissertations and shared knowledge from our urologists colleagues  and male Tantra masters in Dubai and London..


Mary Celia is a registered Physiotherapist Msc Tantra Goddess Dip TANTRIC tutor, CIDESCO therapist. Naturopath, and counsellor with 9 years training. Tantra massage.

Sarah Brockten is a registered health therapist, counsellor and CIDESCO Dip. TANTRA tutor. 

Sally Norton is nurse Bsc and works in urology, she is a trained Tantra therapist sky dance and Osho. Tantra society and Dubai TANTRIC Yoga and modelling.

Karen Backer CIDESCO and sexologist. Ladies empowerment Tantra classes.


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Health advice 


Tantra massage We offer is a fantastic ways to improve your circulation sensual arousal and improve your pleasure and performance, and extremely valuable to improve your lasting power, and give you the ability to make your wife or girl friend happier and loved and staying with you in a better relationship for all. For single guys or can help heal stress and give scintilating heightened pleasure and satisfaction to to guys who are under a lot of work stress and tension. Tantra massage Dubai the health massage. or the sensual London TANTRIC advanced experience, is super effectective at removing stress and making you more positive energetic and bursting with vitality!

Before taking a Tantra massage . let’s look at your health and advice for men concerned about their libido and age and health.

How you eat and what you eat, how you live, stress anxiety, years of cigarettes, can number both on a man’s heart and sexual vitality. Even latest studies in how much plastic wrapped food or estrogen found in modern food production.

Mature men benefit from regular Tantra

Sure, men experience a drop in levels of the sex hormone testosterone as they age. can even have a mini andropause as they get to 50 plus.. with a lowering of libido and drive. Many a man finds that he’s no longer the hot lover bed-wise, that he was in his randy youth! But men who practise Tantra can surprise themselves with how their sensuality, and sexuality, their fitness can improve by practising fitness Yoga and using teachings of tantric yoga. Famously Tantra masters remain very active lovers into their 90s!  

The busy and hectic life of today affects both men and women equally and causes several mental, physical and sexual disorders.

Waiting on the sheik zaid road for hours in Dubai hours in traffic.. getting stuck in the office in DIFC, finish the accounts, suiting in the office till 10pm in media city Dubai writing the copy for your advertising clients exacting approval, it just adds to stress anxiety and reduced excersise. Most gentlemen just want to escapr for a couple of hours and dream of a haven of peace and healing to enjoy a long stmulating Tantra massage, but Tantra has so many after benefits for your health and we have been covering many in the recent posts to educate People in the site.

People need relief in their lives. Tantra massage is highly beneficial massage in advanced relaxation. It helps you relax, regain energy and give time to your own self to recharge to recover, nurturing and intimate the care it deeper and more profound than a standard massage. The techniques of the seductive illicit touch lightly stimulate pleasure centres overvevery centimetre of your body which fire and help release endorphins in the brain and rebalancing healing stress issues.

“Tantra eventually leads to a better health. Although it is an erotic massage , however, the purpose of massaging particular chakra sensual zones is to bring out the joy that enriches and consequently rejoices and pleases your whole body and mind. Atantric massage carries several benefits”

Relief of stress

Stress has become an integral part of our everyday fast-paced lives in Dubai. The pressure of making constant decisions, working long hours in office, managing work and family, all these cause stress stress and more stress. However, when you undergo a Kundalini-tantric massage, it makes your body feel light, clears your mind, and helps forgo all the tension Therefore, every once in a while, when you feel stressed have a tantric sensual massage.

recover the passion Tantra retreat in france
Recover the passion

Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation mainly occurs due to the pressure of performing.. Or due to circulation disorders or physcosecual learned wrong behaviours from guilt and anxiety as a young man.
We cover these issues in our latest 4 point cure premature release with Tantra London on Mayfair.

Another reason for premature release is anxiety and stress.  Men in most societies are considered the ‘doers’, therefore, out of this pressure of performance, men ejaculate prematurely. Tantric Therapy does take the pressure of performing off from men. With no goals and objective in mind, men perform well and the problem of premature ejaculation diminishes. The tantric sensual massage teaches you to enjoy the moment and during your time with the partner last longer.. if not advanced training is easy for you to learn with a licensed certified therapist.



  • IMPROVING ORGASM CIRCULATION IN MEN men get older they find their hormone levels decreasing an losing interest. The massage actually had a vastly increased level of stimulation and can recover the arousal loss in men over 45 years. Increased production of testesterone is a welcome after benefit! IMPROVING ERECTILE ISSUES IN MEN.

Health facts for men over 35

Healthy men can have erections at any age Once you hit about 50, erections change. They are slower to rise, they don’t rise from fantasy alone — you need manipulation and direct stimulation. What happens to a lot of men is that they notice these changes and they panic and you get also late onset premature ejaculation which we covered on recent seninars in London with London University medical school urologists.
Well, things aren’t over, they’ve just changed and certain therapies can really help!

More on TANTRIC massage for men and ladies Tantra includes in a treatment starts and ends with. Your questions answered.


Orgasm for a headache cure

If you’ve got a pounding headache, then reaching climax might provide an antidote.

An orgasm floods the brain with a similar type of endorphin that causes runner’s high.

And it’s a lot more enjoyable than going for a run! Tantra increases the level of orgasm and can give even the toughest migrane the door.

Before you reach for an aspirin, try for an orgasm.

“Orgasm can block pain,” said my professor at Bristol teaching hospital 14 years ago and I have been researching it ever since said Mary Celia. It releases a hormone that helps raise the hormone that blocks pain response. Any people do not know that in Dubai.

Lowers Heart Attack Risk

A good sex life is good for your heart. Besides being a great way to raise your heart rate, sex helps keep your estrogen and testosterone levels in balance. When either one of those is low you begin to get lots of problems, like osteoporosis and even heart disease.

Can affect certain antibody levels in people who have better quality love lives or stand alone kundalini orgasms.

Having sex more often may help. During one study, men who had sex at least twice a week were half as likely to die of heart disease as men who had sex rarely.. so considee a healthy relationship or regular caring Tantra is a benefit.

Lowers stystolic blood pressure. Recent study concluded. Actually helps with blood pressure in men.

Just in case you thought climaxing couldn’t get much better, research presented at the British Urological Association concludes that men who have a higher frequency of good longer length continual orgasms (around 20 times per month) lowered their risk of prostate cancer by 20%. Also consider prostrate massage which is a technique in traditional tantric methods has recently been evaluated as helping prostrate health. Ask your certified medically certified Tantra therapist. (Therapist who has medical certification before training in Tantra).

In our next post we will be talking about health foods that effect help men’s fertility! 
We often talk to our men’s spa clients and Tantra groups about foods and fitness.
Zinc is highly important! Arabic gentlemen have got it absolutely right!! With Pistachios! Living with my ex fiance years ago I knew how I should encourage his habit of consuming vast quantities of pistachio nuts! I will discuss this in the next post!
                        ……Mary Celia

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