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Where to find genuine Tantric massage by a real Tantric massage practitioner in London United Kingdom, how to avoid fake Tantra or the fake Tantric massage done by escort types.

Hello everyone, an update from London Tantra, …after the last few years away, we have started to update the Londontantramassage.com site and refresh the site which is over 9 years old, so excuse us for the dated look, the Tantra course and Professional London Tantra Massage has been running for 17 years! with a base in Knightsbridge West London, Belgravia Kensington. Also don’t forget Dubai. In Dubai we have tried to keep going with the spa and courses,for our regulars, in Abu dhabi, GCCC, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain.. but times have changed since the Covid years, in Dubai there is more interest now in cheap Russian type fake normal massage type hotel spas and nobody does Tantra anymore, let alone good massage if the therapists are European! though not acceptable,it is becoming normal for a cult European type Russian Massage, lower quality.. and massage being a word meaning something else! and few people know what is Tantra now, where as 10 years ago, there was a high volume of enquiries and huge interest

We believe that the most knowledgeable interested clients are in London Germany and Europe, now and less in the Middle East and we think the fashion for Tantra that became the most searched word in 2014 and big trend, has died down.. with younger people looking for basic esc..t massage trend from Russia there.

In London, we have still a huge interest from people still looking for Tantric Massage, Tantra Yoga, Tantra Spirituality, Classes for Couples to improve their love life through Tantra, people are asking us where can we find decent real and Genuine Tantric Massage and many complain there are too many fake Tantric massage agencies in London again after covid, basic fake Tantra is another word for sexy massage service.


To tell if the website or agency or business listed as a Tantric massage in London is real genuine Tantra, it doesn’t matter where it may be based in say Knightsbridge, Mayfair, Kensington, Wimbledon, City of London.. anywhere.

To tell if the people you are booking with are really offering anything like Tantra, look at the website! does it appear more escort related offering services! does it mention “tie and tease” “black tantra” extras! fetish, BDSM, young girls, does it use words that are the same as an escort adult services site.. just a few Tantric words added? Well that’s what it is, it’s one of the new agency conversions whereby a escort agency or adult massage service has converted to using Tantra to avoid legal issues. This trend happened around 7 years ago, every sexy massage service change its name to Tantra, quel horror! yes and nearly destroyed the word Tantra tarnished Tantra and Tantric massage and plagiarism of The word Tantra is not rife beware.

How to tell if you are with a genuine professional certified Tantra Therapist or Tantric Practitioner? Well here is the second easy clue, look at the photos of the ‘Tantric therapists in London’ are they in lingerie? are the posed in bra panties and looking like escorts? are the galleries of girls just like the galleries of girls in a adult entertainment site? Yes! because that’s what they are. That’s not real Tantra! Real Therapists never pose in lingerie or underwear!


Professional Tantric Practitioner in London or Tantra Yoga therapist, will be dressed in any website not in her underwear. They will have good detail and content on Tantra, (Though many copy paste and plagiarism in rife).

A genuine Tantra Therapist, will start every session, or even prebooking, with a screening chat, over the phone and professionally discuss the Tantric experience. They will further do an induction and ceremony before the Tantra experience takes place in the temple or location. Usually guided meditation and techniques to allow you to understand the Tantra healing. It is vital to understand a simple pranic breath exercise, and also to receive a full seven chakra massage. Many Tantric therapists do have slightly different processes, but certain basic elements are the same in all true Tantras.

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to book a professional genuine Tantra massage with us in London










Tantra massage Goddess in London


Tantra in London, Knightsbridge, differs from Tantra in Dubai. (We also provide only actual Tantra in the form of White Tantra and Kundalini Tantra for Dubai and Abu Dhabi in UAE.) 

For London we offer award winning highly rated genuine Red tantra in West London Belgravia and location is near Harrods Knightsbridge. 

We are one of the original Tantra therapists from London 2004, who started the original and highly professional form of Tantra and Yoga offered as a therapy for relaxation and self improvement along with classes for meditation, and Bhairava Tantra methods for couples.  We offer both Red Tantra most sensual form and healing White Tantra.

Our London based Tantra massage Therapists are very unique! Why not only are they professional, certified Tantra therapists with up to 10 to 15 years experience! They also trained with OSHO centre in India. Trained in Kashmir Shaivism Tantra form which is the most followed for its sensuality and knowlege and secret techniques for orgasmic energy. Most requested type of Tantra.   The London based therapists  also run workshops in Amsterdam Zurich and Dubai UAE.

Not only are our therapists certified in tantra! The unique point is.

Tantra Yoga Tantra Massage lady masseuses are also fully qualified therapists working with London Tantra Each Therapist:

  • They are registered Physiotherapists and knowledgeable in fitness and body and health modalities.
  • YOGA teachers 3000 hours training
  • SPA Fully qualified Beauty and health therapists with body work licence.
  • Aromatherapy trained to use the 340 herbal oils of Tisserand institute.  Ayurvedic massage cert.
  • Phsycosexual, and Relaxation Self help therapists.

This is totally unique in the world of Tantra and Tantric Yoga today. You can be assured for a high level if integrity professional and sensitive caring approach.  This is not a fake Tantra service and having a provider who is fully qualified in other wellness and health fields makes a huge difference to your experience.  Ask us to help you while you are there….




Tantra massage-room-tantra-sensual massage

Mary Celia, Karen and Ingrid  have developed a beautiful Tantra massage which includes a sensual adoration of the body, blissful total body massage which involves a Tantric Namaste Ceremony, and Breathwork secrets and tuition before you begin.  The massage  covers engaging every sense and pleasure receptor of your body, using Tantra energy it encompasses activating your spirit and feels like an auroras of love and healing, we also use Taoist massage techniques from Mantak Chia, and Lomi Lomi rythm massages to heighten and intensify your positive conscious energy, Kundalini. relaxing and energising.

” Thank you Mary, The massage was incredible. Your touch is magical. I felt totally reborn and light afterwards. Best Friday evening feeling anyone could hope for….

Sergio A.. Footballer


Tantra massage touch the fingers
Light Tantra Touch massage



Tantra Massage has its routes in an aspect of healing in the combined use of Ayurvedic massage, touch and energy of a path of Tantric belief and knowledge and combined relationship with Kundalini Yoga and Tantra yoga forms of visualisation guiding energy through the body and meditation. The secrets of Tantric practice of one school of Tantra developed method of developing full body orgasmic energy by touch alone.. arts and practices are complicated to learn and take years if dedication to learn how to awaken a kundalini positive healing energy in the receiver. A form of Tantra is erotic sensual and spiritual and encourages orgasmic energy to heal. Another form of Tantra uses white Reiki and Ayurvedic stly massages and touch to give the exquisite relaxation.  Please read our articles on esoteric teaching of Tantra the history of Tantra away from massage.  Neo Tantra popularised The sensual part of Tantra from 1960s and 1970s but there was  tantra massage well before this for hundreds of years.  Please read more to understand in our other articles.

Please take the time to read the different sections of our articles, understand what our Red and White Tantra about and includes.  Our massages are totally different  from the average massage or sensual tantra type massage  or even God forbid  the fake erotic massage services which have become viral and appeared in London  Dubai in cities as the latest fake tantra trend on youtube and massage parlour! in recent years. This link from Tara Yoga site  explains more on history of viral Tantra Trend. There are numerous agencies in London branding themselves ‘genuine tantric massage’ which not, and have upset many clients and innocent members of the public with a false version of massage and Tantra. We are keeping our standards high along with the society of genuine Yoga Tantra and holistic therapists.

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Experience the unforgettable

“where breath and whispered touch allow intimacy and deepened connection between two souls, sensuality, joy pleasure, and rejuvenating energy, continues to awaken your consciousness, intensifying every sense, and so doing awakens every cell in your being, allowing a rejuvenation to take place.

Maintaining Arousal and Orgasm without sexuality or with, yet a profound experience of rebirth, the secrets of Tantric touch can leave you breathless for the right reasons and after, feel so much better in yourself.

PLEASE NOTE WE COMBINE TANTRA WITH OTHER MASSAGES FREE OF CHARGE for repeat clients and do our best to help you with your specific requirements.

We offer tantric massage and tuition to men, women and couples and we are finding that more and more women, as well as couples.

  • Pranayamic Deep breathing.
  • Intimacy of sensual touch
  • Release of stress and alignment of our 7 Chakras
  • Nuturing and aid to recover motional     energies as a path to self enlightening of self and healing of negative emotions and recovery of trauma from a bad or failing relationship.

Rebirth of a new and positive stress free you.



For visitors UK and  London

We are located in Cadogan Place West London this area is known as Belgravia. City of LONDON.

We have two independent therapists also in Kensington high street.  One visiting Therapist in Canary Wharf which is London’s banking hub.

One Tantra Therapist who maybe in Poole Sandbanks. Which is in Dorset and near Bournemouth the coastal resort once a month.


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