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Mary tantrika massage therapist starting a tantra massage with balancing chakra ceremonies
Enjoying a Tantra relaxation massage balancing the chakras


‘Thank you Mary, for another brilliant Tantra on Wednesday, just wanted to tell you are agifted therapist with a awesome touch. I feel I am floating in air when I leave you, way forfilling and special than any Tantra masseuse I have tried in Singapore or Dubai or Germany.’
Raoul F. CEO Bank Singapore
‘Please thank Sarah for her inspirational TANTRIC KARMASUTRA YOGA class and work shop.. I think a 3 days was so intensive but we were really grateful to her for teaching us all the secrets for couples yoga. It’s helped particularly myself and Ahmed in our relationship. Also the fun NURU MASSAGE was an extra bonus..’
Samira and Ahmed Al sh.. Cheyrl and Khalid, Natasha and Omid. Anastasia and Trevor. Media and Advertising Media city Dubai.
‘My God that was intense! You are a super woman a very very good massage plus;) totally sensual beyond expectations see you in January in Verbier. Thanking you my dear Mary. .’
Christophe K  Automobiles Zurich .
I bounced out of the spa full of energy and slept better that night than I had in weeks . If you’re looking for a highly relaxing treatment then I recommend visiting Beautiful massages in Mayfair or searching out young Mary Celia’s celebrity visiting massage service”
GQ magazine at the health and beauty show 2013


We use AYURVEDA treatments to assist our Tantra massage and give a more complete wellness experience in London.
Briefly would like to introduce you to AYURVEDA massages which we do in London with Beautiful massages and at the spas in Dubai and along the road in Abu Dhabi. ,
Ayurvedic massage just as all other Ayurvedic treatment protocols are to help remove the toxins within the bodies. The toxins (Ama) a build up of which leaves you heavy and tired. The longer the Ama is retained in the bodies the more stubborn and harder they get and become embedded, thereby making removing them difficult, time consuming and unpleasant at times.
Ayurvedic treatment may include some or all of, correct dietetics, massage, specially compounded herbal formulas, yoga therapy as well as proper Life style management.
In Ayurvedic body massage, the specialized  Dosha oil (warmed), continuous strokes and techniques, full-body steam application, followed by the herbal formula wash/scrub, is an intense, dynamic and expansive experience.

Massage oils need warming before applying

1. Take a hot shower just before laying down and  we wrap you warmly to retain the heat. 
This is necessary before commencing the massage as it is understood that the toxins will benefit from the shower helps to soften and loosen the toxins, in preparation for the actual massage.
2. Specially prepared Dosha oil for the receiver is warmed and then applied to the body. This warm oil will allow for better absorption into the skin, thereby allowing the blood to carry the oil and herbs throughout the body to carry out the detoxification. The strokes and technique of massaging generates heat and also helps in the process of absorption.
3. Clients will undergo one hour of oil massages Please be aware that throughout the massage it is important not to talk but lovely soothing music is played. This allows you to fully experience the subtle effects of Ayurvedic massage. focussed on what is taking place.
4. Following the oil massge, the therapist will apply a warm herbal scrub to the body which is very invigorating – to complete the process move onto one side so the therapist can put the paste on the back. Then lie still and allow the paste to dry. This scrub exfoliates but most importantly it becomes absorbed and works as a blood purifier too. It is rich in vitamins particularly A and C and this nourishes as well
5. After this you will proceed to the steamer for a period of around 10-20 minutes (time will be determined by Dosha). It is important to drink a glass of water to replenish fluids lost during the massage and steam. Your therapist can remove your light sarong in the steamer and circulate the steam around you.. she will also massage lightly all over your body to encourage release of toxins and encourage circulation can feel sensual.
The therapist will place a small towel around your neck to help prevent release the steam, you will then leave the steamer and remain seated for a minute or two to cool down a little before getting out. Take some more water.
6. Finally on the longer treatment a second toweling massage will take places over the unclothed body…where the herbal scrub oil and moisture will all be rubbed into the skin and then excess oil and paste removed so you can get dressed.
7. You may then go home. It is advisable to rest a minimum of two to three hours as the Doshas will be fluctuating a great deal and unable to best support you during this time. We advise a a little sleep. Or some clients like to engage in a Tantra massage to continue the pleasure of the treatment.
Beautiful Massages London therapist
Greetings and Namaste before your Ayurvedic massage
Ayurveda is an ancient system of life (ayur) knowledge (veda) arising in India thousands of years ago. Ayurveda theory evolved from a deep understanding of creation. The great rishis of ancient India came to understand creation through deep meditation and other spiritual practices. The rishis sought to reveal the deepest truths of human physiology and health. 
The rishis observed the fundamentals of life, organized them into an elaborate system, and compiled India’s philosophical and spiritual texts, called Veda of knowledge. Ayurveda was first recorded in the Veda, considered the worlds oldest medical spiritual codex. The three most important Veda texts containing the original and complete knowledge of Ayurveda, believed to be over 1200 years old, is still in use today. These Ayurvedic teachings in a similar way as Tantra was done, were passed on from teacher to student for over 1000 years. 
The wisdom of Ayurveda is recorded in Sanskrit as Tantra was the ancient language of India that reflects the philosophy behind Ayurveda and the depth within it. 
Ayurveda throughly influenced health care and wellness. Year 400 AD Ayurvedic works were translated into Chinese; by 700 AD Chinese scholars were studying medicine in India at Nalanda University. Chinese medicine, was also influenced by Ayurveda and most particulary its herbal oil massages. Ayurvedic knowledge also found an brother in Budhist health. Having passed the test of experience over time with special treatments and health massages it developed into an important medicine, which we discussed with our clients in our recent class on AYURVEDA and Tantra in Dubai.

The philosophy of Ayurveda teaches a series of systems and these are shared in Tantric beliefs and practise. Ayurveda and Tantra also can be characterized by balance and disorder, health and disease. Disease/health results from the interconnectedness between the self, personality, and everything that occurs in the mental, emotional, and spiritual being. To be healthy, harmony must exist between the purpose for healing, thoughts, feelings and physical action.
Ayurveda also can be considered by the use of six important Indian philosophical systems, many physical/behavioral sciences, and the medical arts. One verse from an ancient authority says Ayurveda deals with what is good life and bad life, happiness and misery, that which supports or destroys, and the measurement of life. It works to heal the sick, to maintain health in the healthy, and to prevent disease in order to promote quality of life and long life. 
Tantra and Ayurveda consider health is defined as an experience of bliss/happiness in the soul, mind, and senses and balance of the body’s three governing principles, seven tissues, three wastes, digestion, and other processes such as immune functioning. Health is not the absence of symptoms. Ayurveda has objective ways to assess each of these, pulse assessment being the primary means. I think if you live in a city such as Dubai or London you can really appreciate the thought behind this it is actually really beneficial  to take both the ayurvedic oil massage with a Tantra ritual massage in Dubai. It’s also available sometimes as a longer ritual in Abu Dhabi.

Central to both Tantra and Ayurveda, is that life is a combination of body, mind, senses, and spirit (more than a mind-body system). Nothing exists but for the pre-existence of and working of a Supreme Intelligence/Consciousness – an elemental, all-powerful, all-pervading spirit-energy that expresses Itself through and in the creation. Ayurveda seeks to know this aspect of life, the subjective (internal) as well as the objective (outer). 

Ayurveda, Yoga and Kundalini Tantra is concept of  three energies that are are vata, pitta and kapha – signifying the dynamic or mobile, energetic, nonmaterial aspect of nature; the transformative, intelligence aspect; and the structural, physical aspect respectively. For instance Vata, governs respiration, circulation, elimination, locomotion, movement, speech, creativity, enthusiasm, and the entire nervous system. Pitta governs transformations such as digestion and metabolism, vision, complexion, body temperature, courage, cheerfulness, intellection and discrimination. Kapha governs growth (anabolic processes), lubrication, fluid secretions, binding, potency, patience, heaviness, fluid balance, compassion, and understanding in the organism. All have physical expressions in the body itself.
Ayurvedic oil treatments use the principles of the teaching along with ancient methods of curing the sick and those with stress and imbalances with perscriptions of herbs, specially prepared oils.. and hand to body pressure and soothing massages to increase the unblocking of negative energies. AYURVEDA as many prescriptive oil based massages that pour oil over the body and the way the rythm, the motion of the oils as they flow over skin is conducive to relaxation. This unique use of stimulation as a deeply soothing purifying way to induce peace calmness and a cleansing of the soul. AYURVEDA oils and herbal massages actually partner Tantra in symbiotic way.


The massage originates from Japan! said Miss Mary Celia who actually took instruction in NURU in Kyoto 6 years ago. It’s simply a body to body massage that was very simple to do. The novelty is the use of body slide movements and therapist wearing a bikini or swim wear. The gel used is mixed with water to a gloppy consistency!  Massage table is covered in plastic because of all the gel. It does not use a certified therapist and does n any of the effects of Tantra.. actually it’s mostly done by women of another profession! If you know my meaning! 

Really Tantra has more techniques more pleasure and more fantastic after effects.. it take a far more Training and study to do also the secret art of Tantrasamhava massage has body to body. Wet gel slippery  Massage products are sold in UK and US as fun products to use at home with your partner. That’s it. The seaweed gel is only obtained in Japan. tarA Nurue
Tantra couples retreat with nuru gel massages for a demonstration done in London.