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red tantra massage in dubai with Kim
Red Tantra Kim in silks our favourite Tantra colour and style.

Red Tantra versus White Tantra which is the most sensual? Can you please describe them Miss Mary?(Mary held her Tantra massage in Abu Dhabi and Beautiful Massages London introduction evening)

People always ask hey why is there so many versions of Tantra? London version a German one, and Red version. What’s neo Tantra that I saw mentioned in UK? Well I it is quite a complicated subject. So please read some descriptions on our site

TANTRA MASSAGE DUBAI sensual red tantra version from Beautiful massages London Tantra therapist from Mary Celia

Actually Neo Tantra is often described as the modern developed version of Tantra which is quite influenced by the separate Tibetan Buddhist Tantra, which has influences from, Daoism /Taoism and its practises also of enlightenment and a sensual version of enlightentment and pleasure via duality of male and female orgasm and reaching an ecstacy of rejuvenation using advanced orgasmic practises. It has been improved and studied as a part of Tantra concerned with sexuality and using this to improve well being and health. It does not mean the therapists engage in any escort service or exchange of s.xual service.

White Tantra know as spiritual Tantra, refers to practices that focus on breathing (pranayama), meditation, mantra and mindfulness visualization (yantras).  This is deeply fulfilling spirtual practise and a much deepened Tantra practice that further flows toexpanded energy experiences. Almost a theology of self enlightenment concerning the upper chakras and heart and mind of the person the crown chakra and the third eye. 

It has it’s Tantra massage as a totally non sexual. Suitable for a spa in even the most conservative of societies. Perfect for those who want to feel cleansed of negativity and good for those who need to feel a spirituality in themselves. Suitable for a Dubai massage and the Middle East. White Tantra is seen as a health Tantra massage in Abu Dhabi.

Red Tantra engages the energies of the first and second chakra and includes sacred sexuality. The practices of  Red Tantra are obviously more popularised in the west. 

It has its offshoot in German Tantra, which mixes works on sexuality eg. Karl Jung, with sensual meditation practice where one is able to use practises of sexual enlightenment and honoring your partner and intensity of incorporating sexuality into  the spiritual. German version has more hard and graphic depiction of positions and methods.  Sacred red sexuality is seen as a meditation and honoring practice allowing the flow of energies for transformation rejuvenation and connection.

Red Tantra primarily focuses on sexual practice, the domain of Vama Marga (left handed path). This is an aspects that makes Tantra so attractive to the repressed, spiritually starved western society. While Maithuna (the sexual union) is considered the highest form of tantric practice, it can be sensational and life changing.

Note! You should be able to feel the energy from your Dakini.. your TANTRIKA.. your therapist as we say a true Tantra can filĺ your mind and soul with blissful waves of energy. As we do in Dubai with tantra massage.

Basic Tantra information


Latest health and wellness version of massages can be done in a spa or tantra retreat or at your home. Lomi-kah TANTRIC done of a beautiful massages London partner therapist.
Our partner therapist Ingrid demonstrates the enchanting version of lomi-kah.. influenced kahuna touch massage. Really full body rythm massages that’s flies to invite deep relaxation
The therapist shows the first 5 minutes of the kahuna-Tantra massage.. it take 1 hour 10 mins. We know you will enjoy this experience it’s suitable for any luxury top Professional spa. Our therapists are trained at least 5 years like the certified Ingrid here in Dubai marina in September.
Please note. This massage is normally done on a large massage bed the massage table here is shown as an example for a spa where with most of our therapist prefering the Tantra massage which has more space, the atmosphere would be softly candel lit room darkened cocoon of intimate sensuality . The sent of Joe Malone herbal candels would warm the setting.. the therapist can wear far less clothing than shown, and will make the receiver warm relaxed and nurtured as she removes his full sarong. 
It depends on the receiver.. a light silk scarf mearly draped and just covering her silky limbs which she has covered with ayurvedic oils.. she will welcome the loved receiver of the massage into the room with a sensual Laguna dance with chakra sensual body swaying rythm..
The massages later include a body to body massage to awaken each chakra to heightened ecstacy…
We show the massage as  an example of the way the first few minutes start. Which version would you like? Write a comment or discuss with onebof the platinum lady therapists in Abu Dhabi or London.

https://player.vimeo.com/video/149703253 on Vimeo.
A partner therapist Ingrid performing the massage for Beautiful London


TO BOOK A SESSION IN LONDON GENEVA Zurich, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi for a massage. To learn about courses in TANTRIC white Yoga.or latest intimate Tantra awakening retreats.
Or leave a massage comment. What would you like to see featured in our posts what question would you like answered about the therapies.

Tantra what it does for mood and libido

Namaste with Love

Mary Celia, Mayfair London, Sarah and Alison Calhoun in Dubai in December
Tegan visiting Dubai


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