Its been a busy year so far with our London base in May fair and also Dubai Geneva and Frankfurt for courses and Select individual Tantra bespoke massages by appointment. We have added some really popular Tantra massages to our menu in December last year. Which have had really positive reviews.




including the traditional tantric greeting ceremony. Full worship of the mind and body, breathing techniques to capture your kundalini energy and a soothing kundalini full body massage with enlightened 7chakra  energy awakening massage.

White Tantra health massages versus Red sensual Tantra massages.

We offer our London Tantra ultra massage and ceremony now in two versions.

We offer and teach a pure white Tantra.. health giving and suitable for everyone can be given in a spa. Which has proven excepted in Dubai as a Tantra massage for conservative people,  and for an authentic massage experience that is more health and relaxation concentrating on gentle positive deep relaxation and stress relief, and for any age or gender.

There is the more popular intimate and more naturist Red tantra version! We offer that to broad minded, open relaxed people that want to enrich the full sensual experience!… meaning two forms of Tantra spiritual relaxation meditation and gentle massages to encourage rebalencing your body’s energies, removing stress and depression in both massages, but the Red Tantra Massage is far more sensual and intimate more let us say a stimulating full body enlightenment and includes secret methods of massage and touch from Osho and also the karamasutra..

Sunset Tantric Yoga

It has been super to meet our Tantra friends around the world at our sunset tantra meetings,which have include demonstrations by talented Yoga therapist from UK Germany and Dubai also Mumbai India. In  April  May July in Dubai Palm and Greenwich and Sandbanks Poole

Namaste and thanks to preety, Karl, Rajesh, Dakini Sarah, the Yoga club W12.. Dubai palm Tantra meet up. Also Mary celia and Ravinder   teaching in July.

please see out contacts page to enquire…







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