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Recent subjects requested to be covered in this article by Dubai based readers and massage clients:
 “Are Tantra followers polyamorous?
“How can stress ruin my relationship?

“How can stress from my marriage cause premature ejaculation! How can Tantra teach me How to be a strong lasting super lover?

..please read the posts on our previous pages to find out.
” Teach me Tantra Yoga positions for a hot night.
We cover today.
TANTRA TO CURE YOUR WORK LIFE AND LOVE STRESS. HAPPY RELATIONSHIP AT HOME equals better performance at work or in the bedroom…
Polyamory and truth about Tantra

Some people think Tantra therapists and followers are swingers or polyamorous people! Mostly thats untrue and we are mostly monogamous. For people who do not know! Polyamorous means a couple existing in a love relationship with other partners at the same time meaning you have a wife and a girlfriend, while she has her boyfriend you are all ok with this and know each other! In the west it was pretty shocking! 
Though in Muslim relations and traditional beliefs some historically had more than one or two wives. In Polyamory so does the wife to as well! Polyamory has got quite a following with some in the west coast. People often boast of also learning Tantra to satisfy everyone! But it’s not real Tantra.
Stress and how it affects performance in men

Our Tantra courses which are run with respected Beautiful massages therapists, and psychosexual coaches, are for couples who join, to learn how to reconnect with their partner how to discover a more commited relationship through intimacy, we coach you to go to new heights of joy pleasure and becoming more at one with your husband wife or love. How that can stop relationship problems and married stress, which is the main cause of marriage breakdown. 
Marital stress after your day at work filled with work stress is start of a slippery slope that will see you sliding to health related next stage stress problems. 
Married relationship stress syndrome, causes anxiety, heart conditions, weight gain, tension, hair loss, testosterone inhibitors, poor performance in bed, lowered libido, and even late onset mature men’s premature ejaculation syndrome.. this a double whammy if you already are having stress at work too. A reason so many life to skip away in Dubai to a massage spa, with the more knowledgeable heading for a Tantra comforting sensual massage.
Listening to your partner! and also their body, are methods that are the first things taught in TANTRIC Yoga and Tantra intimate awakening courses. 
In our recent class on sensual awakening with Tantra massage in Dubai. We discussed the art of TANTRIC interconnected pranayama breathing while touching private and intimate areas of your partner’s body focusing on zoning in on their orgasmic energy and returning it back to yourself.  Balancing your needs in pleasure and also joining your partner.
Here is a method for you to follow at home, taught by Mary Celia our much loved Tantra psychosexual coach and respected Physiotherapist. Angel Calhoun  will also be taking the course in April in  London Mayfair June in Dubai marina July Tantra in Geneva. “YOGA and Mind blowing sensual relationships”
HOT TANTRA EVENING ADVICE FOR COUPLES ( This is Part of our couple’s 3 day Tantric Yoga advanced course we run which educational …we have published as a free resource for readers….. Note Its not a part of our ‘Tantra massages’ service which are massage only.. 


Here for our readers on request .. we teach a popular TANTRIC greeting and hot couples position… taken from one of our workshop introduction to Tantra in the marina at JBR in January. London in February  Zurich  Tantra couples course….

First a room aside thats quiet and softly glowing with candels. YOUR TANTRA  experience is all about pleasing every sense..! When our Tantra massage clients come in to Dubai London Geneva Singapore they are treated to a beautiful sensory and sensual experience. We do not include other services we hope you understand the boundary.
If you are learning Tantra at home or kundalini yoga then you should recreate a haven of peace before you start.. when out to please all the senses, dress in loose light clothing, soft fabrics of red, pink and purple: sarongs don’t get in the way, they let you reach all the love-points, and come off easily.
Candlelight and soft music yes, phones no: off or silent, rings on mute.
Fragrances of roses, musk and ylang ylang.
Aphrodisiac titbits to tantalise taste buds:
Chocolate, Strawberries and Bananas or Cucumbers dipped in Clove Honey, Mangos, Peaches, Plums and Cherries.
Try using each other as a plate.
If you like salads: celery, mushrooms, red peppers, spinach, tomatoes and watercress.
And to drink? Try Mead, a mildly alcoholic bevvy made from honey. In Anglo-Saxon England newly-weds retired for a moon-month to a flowery bower to live on nothing but Love and Mead: thus the word “honeymoon” – honag monath.
 Make your bower beautiful, enticing, a place for pleasure.
Feng shui your love-life: Make space around your love-nest, the mat on which you will create your palms of pleasure.
If using a bed, let it be firm: flaccididity is no help inside or out.
Have a picture of your beloved in the south-west corner and a green plant in the East.
Tip 2 Prepare your Partner
Dedicate your practice to Great Spirit of the Tao and Mother Earth, who gave us pleasure as a key to open the gate to Bliss, on the path to Ecstasy.
Start with a look, a gaze in each other’s eyes. Mind follows Eye and Hand follows Mind.
Your body is a landscape of hills and valleys, woodland glades,
caves of delight, pastures of pleasure, stirred by breezes of bliss,
fed by rivers of desire, watered by clouds and rain of ecstasy.
Nature has gifted us with eyes to see these wonders,
ears to hear the sounds of love,
noses to scent the fragrance of passion,
tongues to taste the fruits of desire,
lips to kiss,
and hands to touch.
Prepare your Lover by first lightly tapping or patting up and down the body. Tapping wakes up the nerves. How do you like to be woken up?
Tap very gently on softer areas such as the belly and face, and not at all on breasts and genitals. Ask your Lover how it feels: would they like a drum solo in some places – such as the sacrum and shoulder-blades, or would they prefer tippy-toe tap?
And when you have tapped and rubbed, its time to tease: long languorous strokes the length of the whole body, brushing close by your lover’s sex, using your hands to hint at what’s ahead.
Tip 3 Prepare your Self
Allow your Lover to watch and to copy as you massage yourself in a very specific way, holding each other’s gaze the whole time.
Sit facing each other, not touching, cross-legged if comfortable or in chairs if not.
Begin the self-massage of the Nine Flowers by placing the tips of your fingers on your chest and gently moving the skin over the flesh in a spiralling movement, for nine long slow breaths.
Move your hands down so the tips of your fingers can feel your ribs and the length of your fingers feel the soft underswell of the breast, and do the spiralling massage for eighteen breaths.
Move your fingers down to the edge of your ribs and spiral-massage for twenty-seven breaths.
Then move from there to midway between ribs and navel, and massage for thirty-six breaths.
Bring both hands together just below the navel, and gently circulate the skin over the flesh for forty-five breaths.
Then midway between navel and pubic bone and massage for fifty-four.
And then just above the pubic bone for sixty-three.
Massage the navel for seventy-two.
Finally, then perineum, for eighty-one.
Then rest and lie side by side, still not touching.
Valentined Tantra
Tip 4 Prepare Each Other
Sit behind your partner, front touching back, partner’s legs inside yours.
Repeat the whole of the Nine Flowers massage, but this time with you doing the spiral massage on lover’s points, slowly and gently moving your finger-tips in a circular caress, moving the skin over the flesh, gently, softly, rubbing, for the same number of breaths as when you massaged yourself.
Move downwards from the chest to just below, then to the edge of the ribs, then midway between ribs and navel. Below the navel, use both your hands together on each point: just below navel, midway between navel and pubic bone, just above pubic bone,  perinm.
Rest for a while and change places. Guide your partner to move and massage with sensitivity down your front in the same way.
Rest again, lying down with your sides touching. Rest is therapy. Rest renews energy.
Tip 5 Building Arousal
Sitting back-to-back, feeling your buttocks touching, you each place one hand on your heart and the other on your sex and begin gently swaying back and forth, very slowly, not too far, and timing it with your breath. Once you are into a nice easy rhythm you each begin massaging your chest…. As arousal builds you may find swaying turns into rocking and rocking becomes thrusting. The art here is to keep your rhythm in harmony.
Whichever of you feels yourself starting to get carried away, slow down until the other catches up. Slow down by taking long deep breaths, and changing from to-and-fro rocking to a circular movement, rotating your waists in time together.
When approaching the peak, slow down before your point of no return – this takes practice, so until you have had the practice slow down sooner rather than later.
Or just let the explosion happen and start again from the beginning next time. Then lie and rest together a while.
To rest is always important: it is like the space between each breath, between each heart-beat, between each thought, the space in which that moment is alive.
Tip 6 Intensifying Arousal
Sit facing each other, cross-legged if comfortable otherwise in chairs, with knees touching. Begin with one hand on your heart, the other on your each other.., and sway back and forth, looking into each other’s eyes.
Lean back on the in-breath, forward on the out.
Time your breath, so you breathe in as partner breathes out.
In this way, you sway forward as partner sways back and vice versa.
Once you are moving in harmony, begin to massage your chest and Kundalini centres
As arousal intensifies, swaying turns into rocking and rocking becomes thrusting.
Each shift your gaze from the eyes to your partner’s love centre.. watching each other’s hands vibrating in the the responsive rythmical massage.
Each move your other hand from your heart to grasp your partner’s shoulder.
Approaching the peak, slow down, keep in harmony together, feel the arousal come and go in waves.
Slow the movement into rocking and the rocking into swaying.
Slow into stillness.
Tip 7 The Tantric Connection
Woman moves on to man’s lap wearing a sarong. Man does not have to tense just relax. As you move together through the tantric connection a kundalini sensation happens.
Place the hands:
His right hand on Her back, between Her shoulder-blades;
His left hand supporting Her at the sacrum. His middle finger can connect in the groove above the small of her back – how far up or down that groove is a matter for choice.
Her left hand goes between His shoulder-blades, Her right on His sacrum.
It will make for a wonderful energy-connection if the centres of your palms touch the spine between the should-blades.
In this position (yab-yum, or maithuna, in the tantric classics) 
Energy-centres or chakras are aligned: navel, solar plexus and heart.
Gaze into each other’s left eye, and seal your lips together.
Breathe each other’s breath as you sway back and forth, and when you can do that OK, connect your tongues.
In this way you are connected at every level, body, mind and soul.
Let the swaying turn to rocking and the rocking to thrusting.
Thrust towards climax.
Tip 8 
As your highest energy approaches, both close your eyes and move your upper hand from between the shoulders to the base of the skull, the Jade Pillow,
If you want to slow down the process, slow rythmical movement to swaying, disconnect your mouths and breathe the outside air in long deep breaths.
After a short rest, staying in position with your bodies connected, you can resume and repeat for as often as you like.
When ready, continue on to feel connected kundalini energy close your eyes..
As the lightning-bolt kundalini circles you begin to shudder through the very core of your being,
clench your teeth and your peri n  and
bring the sensation in all its intensity right up to the top of your head,
to a point between your skull and scalp,
and hold your breath,
and hold the kundalini energy in your crown in the mind.
Imagine a sunburst of light,
and sit in that light,
and bathe in that light,
and let that light flood your being.
Let go your mind.
Be still.
Tip 9 
Let the light flow down like liquid sunshine,
Over your skin,
Under your skin,
And down through your centre
Let it rest there, pulsing.
Stay in yab yum until you are both back in the mundane dimension, heart-beat and breath-rate back to normal.
Gaze into each other’s right eye.
Stroking each other about the face and neck and shoulders, begin a slow, tender disconnection.
Lower your hands to your partner’s sides.
Linger a few moments before gently separating
and resume sitting facing each other.
Tip 10 Farewell
In the Taoist philosophy all human love is sacred in the union of Yang, the force of Heaven, with Yin, the power of Earth.
As you have just honoured the union of Yin and Yang, now with grace and care you honour the separation and return to the mundane.
As you sit facing each other, have your knees touching as when you began.
Place your right hand palm up on your partner’s left knee,
and your right hand palm down on your partner’s left hand.
Feel the connection between you.
Allow it to fade.
Gently let go the physical connection and draw a little way apart.


Step one. Guide to intimate massages and stimulation of your partner’s senses.

We use super light abgha caress touch in advanced TANTRIC and massages.. guiding youni energy.. or goddess Shakti awakening from the giver to the receiver. We advise out readers to try a smooth ostrich feather in tip tip touches to the feet and forehead or crown chakra of their partner or receiver at home. You can ask girlfriend or husband to breath in for 8 seconds and softly  whisper Tantra mantras in her ear.. while touch of a practise feather. 

Take an exhale and consentrate your energy with the feather as a beginner’s tool to learn with on the first lesson. It usually takes a few weeks to start stemming your chi or kundalini energy to her. But have fun with doing so first.
” NOTE…We provide educational teaching of Tantra for couples… but we do not engage in the act itself.. or intimacies beyond massage. Between you are your partner.. sorry”

If you find it difficult to learn Tantra then why not try one of our easy to follow demystified clear simple tantra and yoga classes. “Intimate touch Tantra massage days” with Mary Celia or Angela Calhoun. 


Namaste to all

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