TANTRA MASSAGE IN DUBAI 2016 2017. Course in Tantra massage white Tantra for spas ..introduction in Abu Dhabi Tantric relaxation massage.

Tantra feels like many beautiful hands flowing energy over you at the same time.. Mary  celia Karen and Ingrid Amsterdam Tantra classes 2015


WHITE TANTRA MASSAGE IN ABU DHABI AND DUBAI. What is the difference in Tantra 

LONDON TANTRA MASSAGE will be continuing our popular autumn classes and White Tantra in Dubai.. at recognised spa Palm Jumeira Fairmont and Tantra in Abu Dhabi ladies classes for learning to be a Tantra Goddess. 2016. White Tantra is the beautiful spiritual health Tantra massage which is deeply relaxing stimulating every sense and spiritually uplifting.

We have divided Tantra into two types.. differences:

White Tantra for relaxation soothing energising and balances the bodie’s energies,cures stress and promotes a lovely addition to a luxury specialised Spa’s bespoke menu and suitable for consverative countries and does not have the hot sensual elements of Tantric Red massage or Kundalini or the unclothed naturist part..

Red Tantra  Is the more intense, sensual massage energy form is which highly popular in Europe, London and USA. White Tantra can be offered in Dubai as a massage or Abu dhabi under the licensing as it is a traditional covered massage respects conservative morals and is a wonderful massage only.



Our Popular courses on White Tantra, Tantra massage for couples, and a much loved course for wives girlfiends how to keep your marriage alive with Tantric Yoga and methods of Tantra for coiples will be in Abu dhabi and Dubai, please write for information.


learn the secrets..

we have diary dates for Tantric therapy, Ayurveda with Aromatherapy..in Zurich, Amsterdam, Munich, Autumn 2016 and a free Yoga demonstration in London in December 14th. do contact London Tantra Massage or Mary Celia’s for guidance, classes, help or even appointments.


Namaste with love and kindness, Mary, Karen, Ingrid, Sarah, Alison..



please go to our link testimonial page:


“thanks Mary, awesome massage. I am hooked on tantra -now still tingling next morning. Should I take this over monthly or weekly? Need to keep it up feel great.”

Peter D. HSBC regional Mena London Middle East

“hi dear mary, a note of gratefulness, I really liked your Tantric massage experience yesterday. I mentioned that I had been to so many masseusses and Tantra massages in Germany and London and can honestly say you are the best. The way you do the massage is so special it feels like magic and that you give so much care and love. This is the Tantra I looked for last 15 years”

Mohammed Al B.  Horse Racing UAE

“Good wishes to you Miss celia, Can I make appointment for next wednesday, if you are free i hope? and is Julia back or Sarah for my colleague and his wife on November 8? Really I am really impressed with you,  and you gave always the best Tantra massage in London! and your therapists are so professional and keep your good standards up thanks to you. So recommended them to our friends in Abu dhabi for a couple treatment at that spa. Please respond.”

Phillipe Le. Fashion designer. Lyon and New York

“Brilliant Tantrica massage and book me in for next visit. Also back ache has gone! Thanks for the extra free time and sports massage as well. Complete experience you are so good”

Sunil R. CEO Tata division steel UK /Mumbai




Genuine qualified Tantra lady therapists Profiles

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