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Our eclectic mix of Travel videos in Dubai, FireWorks! Tantra Yoga and Bikini yoga on beautiful beaches, courses on Tantra massage, demonstration videos on White Tantra the popular Dubai spa massage with  touch of Tantra energy, and finally the Red Tantra sensual body to body massage seen in London.

We started  visual approach to learning Tantra and Tantric retreat treatments and massages using our channel.  Located in London, but show cases the beautiful beaches of Dubai for the Yoga videos.

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Tantra massages in Dubai the White Tantra. Body to body massage. Tantric massage and whats the difference new in UK. 



Our latest You Tube channel has an eclectic mix of Yoga and Types of Tantric Massage for you to enjoy. It shows our Dubai and Travel videos, Yoga bikini and beach body workouts, Music videos for positive happiness!

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GUIDE TO TANTRA: What is a Dakini Tantra massage Therapist








TANTRIC BREATHING PRACTICE for Tantra massage and yoga


 “From our courses on Tantra in Dubai for yoga and massage “White Tantric”

Tantric massage techniques: Pranayama breath.”

Tantra course exerts, for couples learning Tantra at home and those privately having a Tantra massage in Dubai.



If you are in UK or Amsterdam you can come a long to our Monthly day classes.




Tantric Breathing Himalaya Nepal

In this article:


1. A Introduction to Tantra

2. Breath technique Tantric Breathing

Next article following..


3. Starting Tantra Ritual for Couples and tantra massage


Introduction to Tantra

Tantra is an ideology a practice to improve oneself to relax to feel enlightenment, a practice of mind and body; it is a highly defined spirituality. Tantra is indeed from the same origins as Yoga, and Ayurveda and born from the Indus civilisation in what is now Northen India to borders of Pakistan. Over 3000 years its methods spread and melded, adapted and melted in to the  nearby practice of spiritual enhancement, Buddhism.

TANTRA is a practice; a way of being more spiritual, and gaining access to your body and your minds potential. https://londontantramassage.com/2018/03/14/white-tantra-massage-in-dubai/?wref=tp


Buddhism is a religion to about 300 million people around the world. The word comes from ‘budhi’, ‘to awaken’. It has its origins about 2,500 years ago when Siddhartha Gotama, known as the Buddha, was himself awakened ( Shall we say enlightened) at the age of 35. 563 bc born in Lumbini in beautiful Nepal.

I have taken groups there from Dubai who were studying Yoga and Tantra. 

Is Buddhism a Religion? to many, Buddhism goes beyond religion and is more of a philosophy or ‘way of life’. It is a philosophy because philosophy ‘means love of wisdom’ and the Buddhist path or way can be briefly mentioned asm:

1) to lead a moral life, purity of mind 2) to be mindful and aware of thoughts and actions and to be a part of the greater consciousness, 3) to develop the spirit wisdom and understanding of life and the after life.

Tantra and Yoga have some similar beliefs, and practices, both influenced by the other, but a small part of Tantra, is also teaching on sensuality on energy for  marital bliss, and special ways to use orgasmic energy and, that part is the one most popularised in the west.



While most of the western countries think of sex! when we think of Tantra Yoga, This is wrong, it is not the only Tantric Yoga form! The practice of yoga has thousands of years of history and is actually a truly intense and powerful coexistence of asanas, (Poses), mantra, chanting positive words, mudras signs, Chakras the energy centres 7 to be precise where to flow energy through; like your circulation system, Mula bandha or energy lock practise that you can use to build strength, clarity, and bliss in everyday life.

We learn to engage the forces of Shakti, the sensual female goddess deity that presents in beautiful health, spiritual creativity and energy.

Tantric Yoga helps the body to improve its flow of circulation, also like a fitness of the mind and body, as do its brother and sister Yoga forms, such as Hatha and kundalini Yoga.

We can start feeling more supple fit and at rhythm with own self, feeling more with confidence and thinking in a more positive way.

1. Tantric Yoga can be a whole body experience for every one.

3. Tantra Yoga, as a meditative practice using breath and visualisation to feel more happier and at peace.

2.Tantra Yoga can be another form in its infinity for couples, experiencing a duality of energy and correspondingly a better love life sexuality, and relationship for a lasting family life.

Sex is merely one facet of Tantra and only one.

Tantra, in its manifestation as both the yoga for couples, and the yoga for fitness, together with the massage, encompasses the use of Chakras  seven energy centers of the body), Mantra (Sanskrit affirmations), Asana (yoga poses and stretches), Pranayama breathing and ritual ceremony to awaken Kundalini energy.



Tantra massage and Tantra Yoga uses Tantra breath techniques.

1. For enhancing and stimulating Kundalini energy.

2. For deep aid to meditation, and deep relaxation using with visualisations.

3. For improving power with Tantra for couples or sexual Tantra. A. For PE. B. For developing stronger power orgasms


Samadhi..  state of joy, infinity of soul universe spirit attaining enlightenment.


Shakti is the embodied deity or female element seen in Kashmiri Shaivism Tantra and Shiva is the male god element also seen in Hinduism and the parent belief,  they are in duality and when they join there is a  samadhi or an Ananda a heaven almost.

Shiva is our top most chakra of our heads crown Chakra.  Goddess Shakti is located at the mulha bandha of our spines known as the root Chakra often called the sex centre chakra.

In the type of Tantra that deals with sensuality…..Shakti moves up the body from orgasm, and reaches Shiva at the crown Chakra and travel out to highee infinity.   We feel stronger rush of energy to insight, joy, electricity of pleasure or inspiration, a feeling of being on a higher plane feeling out of body experience hightened perception.



Powerful breath technique for energy and confidence.

Lets start with breathing in and out as if you are taking in air rapidly and quickly, allow the tummy to move out on the inhale and retract the tummy back in on the exhale, do this 20 to 30 times. As you breath in contract the stomach and draw up the pelvic muscle squeeze up,   creating circulation to the 7th Chakra region.

This Tantra breath or rather Pranayamic breath excercise, Bhastrika is taught by gurus as a technique to release the Kundalini energy, and we often call this, “Awakening the serpent” that gets held at the base of the spine due or repressed due the person and their health or state of being a reference to a discriptive phrase for Kundalini or Chi energy.

Now full breath in, and hold the breath and do not breath out till you contract the abdominal muscles  retain the breath,  lower the head very slowly and raise up 6 times facing the head downwards  slowly smoothly release the stomach muscles , turn your hands to palms up mudra. As you exhale, allow the head to float back up. Let your breath flow to relax.

Aakhama Mudra of light.. as you breath to relax bring your thumb and index finger together and point to your heart  centre sternum. Tantra visualize white light pure healing joy of radience, the light flows through your body and shines out transcending like a halo around you.  The Mudra can be used to heal and give confidence and tranquillity at the same time


Tantra Asana Yoga Read more


PE and Anxiety, Concentration.

Ommm… sound in, breathe out,  and deep belly breath in one full breath deep in to the lungs. Focusing visualisation of Ananda of cool misty air from the Himalayas. Hold the breath and tighten diaphragm and Pelvic muscles 5 seconds. Now release breathe in, long exhale let the breath travel out down the shashuma spine the bamboo core as we say. Feeling relaxation peace flow through from crown chakra to Mulha bandha base of the spine. Ahhh..

Let yourself become aware of your state of being. Feel release of tension. Remember visualisation is important aspect of Tantra.

I have taught Tantic visualisation to endurance athletes. Simliar methods are now used with Sport physchologists to great effect.



White Tantra for positive thinking and the cure to anxiety through massage points and Yoga

Dubai  Marina Address hall 2

November 30th 2018



Red tantra course

Cadogan place and the Belgravia Yoga centre London UK

September 30th  October 9th November 11th  December 18th


Contact us for other dates or to enquire.







Mary Celia







GENUINE BRITISH AUTHENTIC TANTRA MASSAGE Dubai and London…  highly qualified lady therapists, bringing the joy of sensual and certified massage and teaching with professional courses also.


Dubai beach with Sarah and jack
Dubai beach with our friend relaxation and positive energy




Don’t loose it as you get older!

Learn how Tantra massage and TANTRIC Yoga’s ancient virility and sexual knowledge can help the man to keep going! vital and pleasing his lover. All natural ways. Just knowledge and techniques from the karmasutra and TANTRIC master loves training.

Today we discuss health benefits and the latest medical knowledge from London’s, too medical studies, and our research and post graduate dissertations and shared knowledge from our urologists colleagues  and male Tantra masters in Dubai and London..


Mary Celia is a registered Physiotherapist Msc Tantra Goddess Dip TANTRIC tutor, CIDESCO therapist. Naturopath, and counsellor with 9 years training. Tantra massage.

Sarah Brockten is a registered health therapist, counsellor and CIDESCO Dip. TANTRA tutor. 

Sally Norton is nurse Bsc and works in urology, she is a trained Tantra therapist sky dance and Osho. Tantra society and Dubai TANTRIC Yoga and modelling.

Karen Backer CIDESCO and sexologist. Ladies empowerment Tantra classes.


client enjoy massages in London
Taking a soothing advice session with 2 hour kundalini London massage


Health advice 


Tantra massage We offer is a fantastic ways to improve your circulation sensual arousal and improve your pleasure and performance, and extremely valuable to improve your lasting power, and give you the ability to make your wife or girl friend happier and loved and staying with you in a better relationship for all. For single guys or can help heal stress and give scintilating heightened pleasure and satisfaction to to guys who are under a lot of work stress and tension. Tantra massage Dubai the health massage. or the sensual London TANTRIC advanced experience, is super effectective at removing stress and making you more positive energetic and bursting with vitality!

Before taking a Tantra massage . let’s look at your health and advice for men concerned about their libido and age and health.

How you eat and what you eat, how you live, stress anxiety, years of cigarettes, can number both on a man’s heart and sexual vitality. Even latest studies in how much plastic wrapped food or estrogen found in modern food production.

Mature men benefit from regular Tantra

Sure, men experience a drop in levels of the sex hormone testosterone as they age. can even have a mini andropause as they get to 50 plus.. with a lowering of libido and drive. Many a man finds that he’s no longer the hot lover bed-wise, that he was in his randy youth! But men who practise Tantra can surprise themselves with how their sensuality, and sexuality, their fitness can improve by practising fitness Yoga and using teachings of tantric yoga. Famously Tantra masters remain very active lovers into their 90s!  

The busy and hectic life of today affects both men and women equally and causes several mental, physical and sexual disorders.

Waiting on the sheik zaid road for hours in Dubai hours in traffic.. getting stuck in the office in DIFC, finish the accounts, suiting in the office till 10pm in media city Dubai writing the copy for your advertising clients exacting approval, it just adds to stress anxiety and reduced excersise. Most gentlemen just want to escapr for a couple of hours and dream of a haven of peace and healing to enjoy a long stmulating Tantra massage, but Tantra has so many after benefits for your health and we have been covering many in the recent posts to educate People in the site.

People need relief in their lives. Tantra massage is highly beneficial massage in advanced relaxation. It helps you relax, regain energy and give time to your own self to recharge to recover, nurturing and intimate the care it deeper and more profound than a standard massage. The techniques of the seductive illicit touch lightly stimulate pleasure centres overvevery centimetre of your body which fire and help release endorphins in the brain and rebalancing healing stress issues.

“Tantra eventually leads to a better health. Although it is an erotic massage , however, the purpose of massaging particular chakra sensual zones is to bring out the joy that enriches and consequently rejoices and pleases your whole body and mind. Atantric massage carries several benefits”

Relief of stress

Stress has become an integral part of our everyday fast-paced lives in Dubai. The pressure of making constant decisions, working long hours in office, managing work and family, all these cause stress stress and more stress. However, when you undergo a Kundalini-tantric massage, it makes your body feel light, clears your mind, and helps forgo all the tension Therefore, every once in a while, when you feel stressed have a tantric sensual massage.

recover the passion Tantra retreat in france
Recover the passion

Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation mainly occurs due to the pressure of performing.. Or due to circulation disorders or physcosecual learned wrong behaviours from guilt and anxiety as a young man.
We cover these issues in our latest 4 point cure premature release with Tantra London on Mayfair.

Another reason for premature release is anxiety and stress.  Men in most societies are considered the ‘doers’, therefore, out of this pressure of performance, men ejaculate prematurely. Tantric Therapy does take the pressure of performing off from men. With no goals and objective in mind, men perform well and the problem of premature ejaculation diminishes. The tantric sensual massage teaches you to enjoy the moment and during your time with the partner last longer.. if not advanced training is easy for you to learn with a licensed certified therapist.



  • IMPROVING ORGASM CIRCULATION IN MEN men get older they find their hormone levels decreasing an losing interest. The massage actually had a vastly increased level of stimulation and can recover the arousal loss in men over 45 years. Increased production of testesterone is a welcome after benefit! IMPROVING ERECTILE ISSUES IN MEN.

Health facts for men over 35

Healthy men can have erections at any age Once you hit about 50, erections change. They are slower to rise, they don’t rise from fantasy alone — you need manipulation and direct stimulation. What happens to a lot of men is that they notice these changes and they panic and you get also late onset premature ejaculation which we covered on recent seninars in London with London University medical school urologists.
Well, things aren’t over, they’ve just changed and certain therapies can really help!

More on TANTRIC massage for men and ladies Tantra includes in a treatment starts and ends with. Your questions answered.


Orgasm for a headache cure

If you’ve got a pounding headache, then reaching climax might provide an antidote.

An orgasm floods the brain with a similar type of endorphin that causes runner’s high.

And it’s a lot more enjoyable than going for a run! Tantra increases the level of orgasm and can give even the toughest migrane the door.

Before you reach for an aspirin, try for an orgasm.

“Orgasm can block pain,” said my professor at Bristol teaching hospital 14 years ago and I have been researching it ever since said Mary Celia. It releases a hormone that helps raise the hormone that blocks pain response. Any people do not know that in Dubai.

Lowers Heart Attack Risk

A good sex life is good for your heart. Besides being a great way to raise your heart rate, sex helps keep your estrogen and testosterone levels in balance. When either one of those is low you begin to get lots of problems, like osteoporosis and even heart disease.

Can affect certain antibody levels in people who have better quality love lives or stand alone kundalini orgasms.

Having sex more often may help. During one study, men who had sex at least twice a week were half as likely to die of heart disease as men who had sex rarely.. so considee a healthy relationship or regular caring Tantra is a benefit.

Lowers stystolic blood pressure. Recent study concluded. Actually helps with blood pressure in men.

Just in case you thought climaxing couldn’t get much better, research presented at the British Urological Association concludes that men who have a higher frequency of good longer length continual orgasms (around 20 times per month) lowered their risk of prostate cancer by 20%. Also consider prostrate massage which is a technique in traditional tantric methods has recently been evaluated as helping prostrate health. Ask your certified medically certified Tantra therapist. (Therapist who has medical certification before training in Tantra).

In our next post we will be talking about health foods that effect help men’s fertility! 
We often talk to our men’s spa clients and Tantra groups about foods and fitness.
Zinc is highly important! Arabic gentlemen have got it absolutely right!! With Pistachios! Living with my ex fiance years ago I knew how I should encourage his habit of consuming vast quantities of pistachio nuts! I will discuss this in the next post!
                        ……Mary Celia

Mary Celia tantra
laura and Celia at ragdale tantra




More on Tantra practise for men and ladies

Genuine qualified Tantra lady therapists Profiles

GENUINE BRITISH AUTHENTIC TANTRA MASSAGE highly qualified lady therapists, bringing the joy of real Tantric

 yoga and Tantra massage.


Many people wish to experience a sensual pleasurable massage but only wish to seek out a fully qualified respected therapist that can bring awaken the senses a journey to nirvana…




A guide to the types and variations in a Tantra massage or Tantric therapy experience.
A certified therapist and those working or  providing Tantra with London Tantra provide four types of session which we will discuss here briefly. The type and intensity of the Tantra also does increase the cost for the receiver or client. Tantra therapists/ Goddesses, do very few sessions of Tantra a day because the work to a very high standard, they use specialised massage and energy flow techniques, and must use their whole body mind and inner soul to perform a Tantra experience! It is not a normal massage! The lady therapists channels and builds an energy flow from her seven chakras and is then able to give the beautiful positive kundalini sensual energy to the receiver client… 
‘A flow of warmth and happiness and heightened pleasure slowly spreads through your body healing and reviving escalating feelings of orgasma within you’ The Goddess then encourages you to develop a powerful feeling of heightened energy and sensual life force within you.. can encourage an extreme multiple pleasure, with a after glow that lasts for days even weeks. the benefits can be outstanding and leave you feeling vital and positive after the initial deep relaxation.

Types of session and teaching we offer.

1 Gentle Sensual Lotus Relaxation Tantra Massage
The client is welcomed after a shower into a warmth tranquil and private sanctuary with soft music, and special oils and herbal extracts, that are individually blended including Ayurveda especially for the receiver, (Note that the therapists have qualifications in herbalism, aromatherapy, and the latest spa therapies), instruction on breathing techniques Pranayama with gentle balancing your of your body’s seven chakras with posture and yogic meditation. Soft sensual magical light touch is used with the hands to encourage and stimulate every stimulation centre and to circulate a nirvana of relaxation. The Goddess therapist will often extend with Yoga positions that are unique to Tantra or will be included if the client wishes a  longer period to relax and stretch the whole body too. Excellent for health and stress management. Perfect way to rebalance mind body and the soul, melting away all of your tension stress and pathway to a positive you.
2 Kundalini Tantra massage, ‘Tantra Ultra’, (One of the most popular)

This very intense sensual massage and tantric experience is one of our most popular, it is only done by advanced Tantra Goddesses practised in Chakra dance, and Tantric Yoga who are highly experienced in encouraging the kundalini or orgasmic energy to a level of heightened pleasure and ecstasy.  The massage can include a gentle flower petal bathing ceremony on the longer sessions. After a refreshing shower, the receiver relaxes and lays down and receives gentle breath training Pranayama, and light Asanas used in order to help him master the inner kundalini and to relax and allow and accept the beautiful sensuality and intense feelings. The reciver is passive relaxed and enjoys the experience, the giver is the Goddess Therapist.

The massage is very nourishing, private warm intimacy with the gentle therapist who works very closely to the body at all times with the receiver in a flowing massage the encourages every pleasure receptor of the whole body, the lovely therapist gives an incredible sublime that awakens intense sensuality and bliss. The receiver is taken to an higher level of ecstasy and kundalini orgasma energy. The joy afterwards stays for days, and the receiver can feel on top of the world for days. Positive ecstasy for health a new and vital you!

‘We use special Tantric techniques from Tibet also as well as the traditional methods from India and therapists do a charge more of course.. but it is a way for the receiver to be taken to an intensive feeling of the kundalini and the whispered heights of pleasure through relaxation’
3 Tantric classes for couples
Classes in Tantric methods and techniques for couples. Including Tantric Yoga, Tantric methods for improving your love life and having a happier relationship. Tantric methods for reviving your intimacy, an awakening of touch, a sensual journey together ritual. Also advance lessons in improving the power of an intense orgasm and also techniques for extending the period by lasting longer, can include the secret ritual of Yoni massage. These are conducted wearing sarongs and on a very professional class basis for groups. So that the couple can take home all the valuable information to improve their love life together.
8 benefits of Tantra to men’s health
Intensive Tantric training to improve the love life. Techniques

One to one or for couples and individuals, can include teaching of Lingham control, Yoni massage, love and senstive touch via your arousal kundalini awakening. Tantric yoga for couples and Tantric chakra dance. Intense arousal method. Professional classes.

latest intensive therapy for curing premature ejaculation and male performance problems. 

Wonderful easy to learn session, with the latest methods to cure and improve your performance. Secret techniques to success with your love life 4 point Tantra method included advanced techniques.  Professional highly rated intensive teaching to cure premature ejaculation syndrome. The early problem that ruins many relationships and causes stress to many can be cured with specialised  two hour initial technique session and two to three repeat visits if required. Master your love life! also our teaching therapists give lots a advice and knowledge for you to take home and this class can be taken as an individual, you will be received tuition by a fully qualified Tantra Therapist who is also a medically licensed health professional too, (One our top lady therapists who is a qualified Physiotherapist/nutritionist/relationship counsellor/therapist s.xologist as well as Tantra therapist take these sessions in London or by request in your country). They can also advise and help with your questions on health matters and relationship issues. A deep relaxation Tantra massage will be included as a bonus.

4 Tantra Lotus massage with Aromatherapy/Ayurveda, and deep Swedish  massage
The perfect combination of sensual tantra massages, with a full body top professional British Swedish massage and sports massage. The ultimate deep massage removes aches, strains, perfect for back aches, sports strains. The best in massage from highly experienced award winning therapists. Total body relaxation and can include reflexology foot massage and Shiatso for the back. This is done by our specialist consultant Physiotherapists who are also trained in advanced Tantra.  wonderful for those who require an outstanding massage.
Sports deep muscular massage can also be done with herbal aromatherapy by our CIBTHAC therapists.


To perform and give a Tantra massage takes a long pathway of training certification and study visiting India understudy and personal metaphysical enlightenment. Your therapist should have precluded this with certified professional training and qualification in medical or health sciences, included certified spa and health therapy study such as ITEC CIBTEc YOGA Society etc. Also to belong to Tantric societies and Yoga following code of ethics methods and conducts.

Tantra therapists are super healthy. Practise Yoga and other fitness such as Pilates, dance, Tai Chi. They have a healthy lifestyles and embrace their clients with warm positive caring beautiful personalities.


So many people hundreds weekly call us and other certified therapists about their bad experiences of going to other so called therapists whose advert appeared and their miserable experiences and complaints of all these unprofessionals selling massage that is not massage and who suddenly sell Tantra that is not Tantra! A problem that appeared in the last few years. We often act as a help line for people to give free advice which is very time consuming so we wrote this advice page to advise others….!

A few words explaining the difference between certified authentic “Tantra” as opposed to the recent trend for fake Tantric experiences. A phenomenon a few years ago “Tantra” having been practised for thousands of years and certified in the UK for 40 years suddenly became popularised in in the media as the ultimate love life enhancement! Magazine articles wrote of the secret techniques of the therapists and how they can teach the nirvana of pleasure and erotic abilities and the unforgettable health massages that they bring. Television programmes interviewed genuine star therapists and celebrities.

Before Tantric massages,Tantric yoga had been only practised by licensed respectable therapists who had spent years training they usually came from a certified Yoga or licensed certified medical or beauty health therapists professional high standards.
Overnight the escort industry woke up to financial benefits of the word “Tantra” and started to copy paste “Tantra massage” to their adverts in a hope make their work appear professional and from the health and wellness industry when actually they were not! and from the world’s oldest profession the s.x industry. Beware that the pretend uncertified tantras have usually never taken the time to learn how to do the therapy! never taken certified classes or trained or even learnt the actual vital skills! let alone it was never practised by escorts or unqualified dodgy nudge nudge massage girls in the first place. what you receive is not Tantra.
They also adopted or rather kidnapped the word “Tantra” to encourage their clients to pay more fees!because genuine Tantra was more expensive as they knew it was practised by legitimate licensed real therapists! The escorts did not bother to learn Tantra massage or study at an Yoga retreat or Ashram, they did not even bother to take any form of health certificate therapy examination or even a spa certification or follow critical health and hygiene regulations when dealing with clients! Just copy and paste “Tantra” and even going as far ad to paste whole articles from genuine therapists sites on to their newly altered escort sites, and of course confusing clients.
How to tell if Tantra massage is genuine with a real therapist? Well sex workers use the essential body photos for sale images and extras offers extra payments for services offers. The escorts will also agree to sending the client body pics to often with face covered, but a Genuine Tantric therapist does not do this. FAKE Tantra escorts offer full intercourse sex with a dodgy fake pretend massage and some decoration,they simply could trick gentlemen into believing it was tantra! And make them pay more money for a plain massage and relief! The clients; couples, male and female alike never received a Tantra massage if they had wanted escort they would have gone somewhere else. In 3 years cities like Dubai Singapore and London are now full of fake Tantra massage by escorts who have no idea how to do anything Tantra! fraudulent use of the word.

At London massages, Beautiful Tantra massages in Mayfair we are not escorts and only provide genuine outstanding Tantra.. That is why our clients are regulars for up to 9 years, and are treated as well loved friends.. we are very popular internationally and treat many celebrity and well known sports stars and remain a high level of integrity, discretion, and outstanding elite luxury professional massage health and tantra therapy service.


Is Genuine Tantra massage what you wanted?

Bio Data and Profiles of Certified Lady Tantra Therapists

If you would like to experience an actual awesome authentic Tantra massage by a recognized qualified Tantra Therapist ? Then if so please do continue to read further for bio data and profiles.

Karen of Beautiful massages off to Dubai Palm with client tantra
Evening off going to Atlantis Dubai Palm with client friends



Sorry but due to not being escorts and recent problems ensuing from getting mistaken by confused new clients telephoning as escorts! These genuine lady therapists do not send photos of themselves except for previous spa websites and what’s already on this site or our other website. No additional pictures privately sent. Thanks for your understanding.

visiting the spa Sarah and laura
In Abu Dhabi visiting our partner spa


None wish to be associated with the recent escort fake tantra massage and pics sites. You can ask any questions over the telephone pre-booking but not photos sent. We have included some statistics to help with suitability for clients who are very short or tall, and ages etc.

Many of the top international therapists of Tantra lead busy schedules, devoting a few private hours a day to regular Tantra clients  and giving a sensual experience of sheer beauty of the senses a healing energising Tantra Therapy. They may also teach Tantric classes and Yoga, and also work as health therapists, or nurses. Some also look after Royals and VIPs.

A day off from massaging in Dubai

Due to the recent wrong use of tantra by escorts as already explained, actual genuine lady therapists are now receiving the wrong type of calls from confused gentlemen looking for information on ‘what is an actual Tantra massage?’ or relating their bad experiences of visiting the wrong therapist who was actually an escort,and then asking our therapists if they can perform extra services that are not included in a Tantra massage! It takes a lot of time to sometimes explain so we decided it is better to read before telephoning your therapist.


Our therapists are now asking interested clients to read through this site first to decide if this is the experience they want? and read through some of the answers to popular basic questions asked while our clients, so you can decide before arranging a one to one call, and a pre-booked appointment. We hope you understand this saves both your time and ours. Thank you and Namaste x

‘The therapist you contacted is one of the therapists in this list, please call her in advance or book a call to decide’.. therapists are often very busy but welcome enquiries with advance booking, please reconfirm all appointments by 12pm on the day of your appointment at the latest.

Tantra massage  therapist

Also we have included comments from some regular clients.

Dr Mark C, Dr Jake S, Rob Masters, Peter Koof. Joe F. Dr Rashid Al B….  from the gentleman’s point of view they have written a few words!

ITEC, NVQ 4 BTH. PILATES ADV, Hatha Yoga, Studied with Swamee G in Rishikesh, India. TANTRA Society, new spa opening soon. A specialist in Anti-aging with also treatments for men who wish to look younger. 
35 yr, 1m 71cm, natural light brunette, vegan size 8, teaches Tantra to couples and ladies in Mayfair London. France Normandy. friendly quietly spoken gentle Pilates.

Dr Mark.. ‘Angela is an awesome therapist, kind hearted and we have known here 7 years, she has a great reputation for her Lotus Tantra, spends extra time to teach you, nothing is too much trouble’ I here is offering her clients Pilates since she took the diploma,  looks wise she is a bit like a tall younger ‘Amanda Redmond’  very fit girl.’

MSc Physiotherapist, (Sports injuries specialist clinic), Cibthac CIDESCO dip. Spas Swiss, Body and Health therapist, Anatomy Physiology, licenced therapist. Swedish massage, Aromatherapist Tiserand inst. also qualified in blending oils and treatments from switzerland and uses some of the latests oils and creams for both men and ladies. Shiatso Dip. Tuina, Ayurveda 
TANTRA in. Kundalini massage adv. certification, teacher of Tantric Yoga, Hatha and Bikram. studied also in India Rishikesh, and Osho Poona. 
36 yrs 1m 75cm long blond hair, thats sometimes tinted darker,  super kind nature. British Welsh and Scots/ bubbly warm and friendly lady, with a ‘Strictly come dancing figure!’ size 12. She has 9 years of repeat regular much loved clients including celeb actors and sportsmen, with a VIP platinum service and spa.
Tantra Couples classes in Europe. Tantra in London Paris Geneva, Kuwait and Dubai

Dr Mark, ‘Mary is a true goddess, her Tantra massages are what I look forward to at the end of the week, her latest Kundalini body to body brings my passionate self alive,  feel the love yes I do. She has also got great deep tissue massage for all the knots. Hey looks wise for me she is a tall exotic striking brunette, suppose a bit like the ‘veronicas’ singers a bit ‘Scartlet Johansen’ face lips and eyes, Monica Beluchi/or a bit young Cher. She has a lot of wealthy clients because of her reputation and a big following of loyal clients and everyone raves about her tantra’

BSc. Nursing London. Hatha Yoga Ayurveda in Kerala, Anatomy and physiology.
TANTRA Cert. California and London.
35 yrs 1m 68cm light brunette ash tinted hair size 10, warm friendly with a sense of fun, part Swiss British. enjoys running, hockey, netball and squash sporty
Spa and Tantra Switzerland and Amsterdam
Has a Platinum Tantra massage service, in Geneva, Edinburgh, Stockholm, and Dubai

Dr Mark, ‘Karen is an dedicated nurse, who retrained in alternative therapies, I have known her 5 years, and she is highly regarded in London and Geneva where she does a lot of Tantra we have sent many friends to her all satisfied. She now runs some classes in Dubai and teaches ladies groups as my ex wife mentioned. Looks wise ooh a cute brunette now blondish highlights, more classic Swiss German maiden. 

ITEC, CIBTAC Therapist, 
TANTRA meditation and Tantric yoga for ladies cert. society member and guild of beauty therapists.
BSY yoga adv dip Bikram.
29 yrs  1m 65cm ash blond tint size 8 quiet and sensitive our Jessica Ennis look alike! and teaches a Saturday Yoga class for girls just engaged to Thomas her rugby fiance lives in Sulfolk.
Platinum Tantra and Aromatherapy, London Switzerland and Dubai

Dr Mark, ‘Julia has a excellent gift of healing others in Tantra, she does a lotus tantra massage, and Hatha Yoga which I attended. I know she does a lot of celeb. spa treatments for famous faces in London occasional dubai. looks wise, ha! hope her boyfriend is not reading this! actually shes a nice girl model figure slight very slim and gentle in massage terms’

BSc Nursing ex ward Sister hospital and ER.
TANTRA Society, and register, studied Rishikesh and Goa, BSY Yoga Hatha
43 yrs. 1m 78cm soft brunette blond highlight tinted size 14. Like Amanda Redmond the actress! Great teacher and works well with relaxation anti stress regimes and nervous patients. very good deep tissue massage also reflexology.
Mostly in Cologne likes to travel with her partner and often in London, she also visits Bahrain and Dubai, 

CIBTHAC. NVQ4 Beauty Therapy BSY Yoga adv, teacher Kundalini Yoga
32 yrs 1m 66cm dark Spanish hair  and a love for Spain and her adopted Portugal, Teaches dance and Ballroom. Vivacious, vibrant lady, travels to Spain South of France, Portugal and South Africa, has done two classes in 2012 for ladies in Tantra and Kundalini Yoga in Abu Dhabi

Dr Mark, ‘Anne I have seen her the last 1 year, and met here in marbella her adopted home, we attended the spa and my friends say she has a great massage touch. According to friends she has an elite reputation for Tantric teaching, and has held some retreats for couples. True professional. looks wise though shes British she appears more mediteranean with a sun tan and her raven dark hair I think a bit Penelope Cruz

BSc Nursing prv. specialist nursing. Ayurveda 7 years, Reflexology, Bikram yoga
TANTRA register, and Osho India.
33 yrs 1m 54cm deep brown hair, British Asian, parents in North London and New Delhi
Our most popular yoga teacher, an inspiration.

Dr Mark, ‘Preety is a very special yoga teacher, her Ayurveda is brilliant, I have enjoyed her oil treatment in Ayurveda therapy better than on my Goan holiday. looks wise oh how to say, a wonderful Indian lady with a sparkle.

CIDESCO ITEC spa and cruise ship massage and beauty therapist. Private luxury yatchs massage service and beauty treatments. 2 years sky dance Tantra trained. TANTRA temple exp. 30 yrs blond

Swiss MASSAGE  therapist. Reiki certified and Reflexology in Geneva and regular Dubai Tantra massage spa service. Brunette sometimes blond 33 yrs. German and English spoken

CIBTAC CIDESCO Beauty therapist. Spa Director in Dubai. TANTRIC YOGA certified teacher. 34 yrs Welsh British lady cheerful warm and kind. Dark brunette haired professional.



‘What sort of benefits will I get from a Tantra Massage is it relaxing?’
Yes its is a deeply relaxing form of massage, that includes the whole body, the therapist uses her own energy and warmth engaging with the receiver in a way that is more sensual and personal than a normal massage, and the therapist is giving a positive love and warmth through her body and hands that a normal standard massage does not give. It is sensually very healing, because the therapist uses the more flowing gentler touches that stimulate the central nervous system, it has a powerful effect on the level of mental happiness and the soul of the receiver, it lifts depression, and can change a persons feelings of tiredness and negativity, to a feeling of euphoria and positive well being. Techniques are used to wash away all of your pent up stress. The chakras energy centres of the entire body and stimulated. We renew and stimulate the life force energy this can leave you feel outstanding and energised for days or more.
How shall I prepare for my Tantra session, what should be expected of me by the therapist!’
Relax! let go enjoy, but please arrive clean, or have a warming shower at the spa or the Tantra location, hygiene is important. Please do not eat a heavy meal before. Please note that you are a passive receiver is the Tantra session or in a Tantra ritual, which means you lay back and relax. You can move into Asana to enjoy the different phases of the Tantra ritual, and also light touch to the therapist is ok.
Please note the therapist is not an escort s.x worker, and we feel uncomfortable if receiver starts acting as if he is with an escort! please make sure you have read all the above information on real Tantra therapists, as opposed to fake Tantra escorts. Lay back and enjoy.
Can you send photos of the girls! and where do I come? do you do visit me or do you have a spa’
Oh dear we have started to get the wrong type of enquiries because of the recent rise of copy paste escort fake massage fake tantra adverts! Please note we deal with both male female and couples, we conduct classes, and genuine Tantra massages.  No sorry we do not send out additional photos, we do not want to be classed in the wrong profession! we do not want to be associated with whats just coming up on the world wide web for call girls! Publishing s.xy photos, and trying to display your body for sale is the mark of an escort prostitute, not Tantra. Unlike escorts we are not selling a girl friend experience, or other services, please contact the escorts for that, we are not a photo fit for your ideal woman or who you wish to date. We are genuine therapists and offer an amazing service. Our therapists may be beautiful! lovely! good looking! attractive! slim and in great shape, but if you need specific hair colour shape etc. maybe you do not want a Tantra massage!  Our therapist will answer specific questions on the phone if required.
location: Is in the Spa in Mayfair or at other Tantra retreats around the world please contact your therapist. We can perform a visit out visit service to your location under certain conditions, we often do this for our Celebrity private clients.
Time for your appointment: Please respect our time for appointments. If you wish to cancel the please let us know, on the day 5 hours before or by 1pm. If you have an emergency please let us know by call or sms text as soon as possible, in order that we can if possible arrange a reserve.
Our lovely therapist run busy schedules and can not book people last minute, Tantra massages are performed on a limited a few luxury very special Tantra retreats a day. Try to book a few days in advance, or the day before. Many of our top therapists are booked up well in advance, or may have a cancellation on the day so check before 1pm.Please respect that. Treat people as you would wish to be treated yourself.
 What is the cost of the therapy? what is the charge for a Tantra massage or classes’
Cost of a Tantra session/ritual/massage/class
Tantra classes depend on the size of the group and location each evening class or a day retreat.
Tantra massages start from:  UK £ 300 1 hour Tantra lotus
                                                     £ 420 1 hour thirty minutes Tantra Kundalini
                                                     £ 480 1 hour forty five         Tantra Kundalind and or teaching.
Tantra retreats                              £ 670
Swedish massage                         £250 1 hour
Sports massage deep tissue
Duration of time for your Tantra massage 
You will be welcomed warmly, and given time to shower before entering the tantra sanctuary. The time of your Tantra massage will start once you are actually laying down and ready to relax! you are treated as a VIP as a respected and welcomed friend, and you will be not be rushed in any way! it is a beautiful time for you, but please note that there is a time limit and after your experience you will have another rain shower or offered a light drink. If you require extra time please let the therapist know before booking so as to arrange if it is possible. Thank you
Therapy charges can be converted into dollars euros, dirhams on request. This is a luxury treat and a great deal of effort is put in. It is a special quality experience and a charge is on a more higher basis, it is not a roll on roll off average massage, reflect in the costs.
Does the therapist provide Tantric Yoga and can I purchase the wonderful herbal oils or can she not use oil at all?’

Yes ask your therapist before you book regarding classes in London or in Geneva or in Dubai.

Yes certain therapists are trained Aromatherapists, and blend wonderful herbal scented relaxation oils and use up to 361 herbal essences, along with vitamin and anti ageing aphrodisiac creams and products from Switzerland. These products are some of the very finest available and poplular with some of of our celebrity and royal clients. Anti ageing, rejuvenating as well as male only vitamin products for men’s grooming needs. We include these free of charge in a treatment. We can provide these after your session on request.

Unscented hypo allergenic for sensitive skins can also be used again on request.

‘When is the best time to contact the ladies?’

A few days or a week in advance is preferable.Due to being a very popular service with hundreds of regular patients and Tantra clients. Tantra is performed in a few hours only each day late afternoons or evenings. Not  24/7! its is a very special elite experience.

Please do read as much before hand from this post. Arrange a call to your therapist either late evening or late morning or lunch time in the day. At other times therapist will be busy or will not be able to answer a call.

If this is a late or last minute appointment? she can check if there are anyone has cancelled? if so please call/ and most important leave a text message regarding your urgent appointment request so that she can prioritise before many other messages coming in. before 2pm.

Otherwise your therapist will ask you if its is fine to call you at a later time in the day or next day. You can always send a text message in an urgent situation! Your therapist will have a short chat with you, discuss your needs but please note it will not be a long call and as other health professionals have many calls to attend and will not want to be late for a confirmed client. Please respect this as we respect your appointment.

All clients must reconfirm by 2pm on the day!

Please contact your therapist and Namaste with love.

The therapist’s contact number or email will be on the site you came to before being directed to this page, or you will have already been given her contact before reading this site.

00971561030414 please leave a text for an emergency call back. Or request the London number

Missmcelia@gmail.com (for emergency only, spa and personal numbers are best for confirmed appointments.