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Tantra massage Dubai
Natural beauty and nature find your inner peace with Tantra 2017

CONTACTING A THERAPIST FOR TANTRA MASSAGE IN DUBAI Tantric international service is now available  


Amsterdam Tantric Yoga

Amsterdam.. loves Yoga and it is become very popular in the city. We have received many requests to open a Tantric Yoga and Kundalini yoga studio in Jordaan.Central Amsterdam. At the moment we offer some couples Tantra Massage Amsterdam classes. Advanced pre booked Yoga days and private Amsterdam Tantra sensuale massage sessions genuine Tantra only. For Dutch residents on  certain booking conditions.



For dates and times and months of the year please contact the UK or Dubai numbers.

 Massage Geneva Tantra Kundalini

Mary Celia and her therapists over 5 times a year Tantra courses in Geneva and Zurich Switzerland. Suisse Tantric private clients .  We offer a perfect retreat by lake Geneva. For sensual Red Tantra relaxation ceremony. Also intensive Kundalini Yoga for personal spiritual discovery.


Tantric Yoga demonstration 7 chakra couples yoga day London


London Tantra Spa with Kundalini Yoga. 

Our popular private clients and group Tantra courses and discovering tradional Indian Tantric practise with the secrets of body worship, chakras, and spiritual energy to revive your romantic life.  JUNE, AUGUST, OCTOBER 2017.

Update:  “A guide to Tantric thought and meditation” is a two day course in July 2017 and has received a huge response will now be held in Mayfair at the partner spa. Private tuition is sometimes available with advance notice.

Tantra Touch feels like as light as a feather and many goddesses hands flowing over you..





For individual therapist numbers.. Karen Mary Sarah Julia..

Or contact by the form on this site

DUBAI /ABU DHABI,  KUWAIT BAHRAIN SAUDI ARABIA Tantra massage bookings dates.

Dubai marina Tantra Yoga course. A guide to Tantric relaxation day

Singapore and Australia biannual visits for Tantric massage courses



Or contact form please fill in on this site.  If you have no response within 24 hours please email beautifultantramassage@gmail.com

Whatsapp 00971561030414

You can say “Hi” to Mary Celia on

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May 2017

” we throughly enjoyed our introduction to Tantra day in Amsterdam with Karen and London Tantra Massage, and Celia’s Tantra,  She made us feel at ease, the teaching made everything that seemed complex easy and natural to follow. She demystified tantric yoga, we started with basic asanas and stretching then followed a detailed beautiful method to discover our personal energy and how we could bring our personal relationship to new horizons. My husband soon warmed up to the concept of mutual love using the our own energy of self. I am grateful for such a perfect Tantra weekend.”

… Marike and Jan de Fries. ( Den Haag. KLM)


” Miss Mary, is a rare jewel, I have never experienced such a special and emotional rollercoaster of sensual feelings electricity of touch explosion of joy and pleasure all in one massage. She is the only Tantric practitioner who actually seems to knows how to do a full Tantric massage here in Dubai. You can feel the rush of energy and the tantra red massage which I experienced is over powering in the best possible sense.  I am really happy to have found this lady and recommend her to friends in home Boston and on business in Canary wharf London when there.”

……. Paul S F   Boston US (London Barclays Plc.)

Thank you kindly, for a very good Tantra massage in DIFC Dubai, and your tuition to help me with my PE. and stress. You are a princess of the massage of Tantra. It is now one Month and I feel so much improvement I just write to you to let you know that the instructions, made all the difference, and my wife feel very pleased with me. You are a great teacher it was everything and more.”

……. Mohm  H Al Turki   ( Riyadh Saudi Arabia CEO Healthcare div/)

















BENEFITS OF TANTRA MASSAGE and Tantric Yoga Massage.

Mary Celia lectures on Tantra at the Dubai Yoga group. TANTRIC MASSAGE and its benefits to both men and women in Dubai and Abu Dhabi….

Also our Amsterdam Tantric massage circle and Zurich Tantra club.



Healing soft touch massage. That concentrates on rebalancing your body’s energy centres, the 7 Chakras known in Yoga, rebalancing you. Cleansing blocked channels. In other words, it feels like a warm, healing touch, that is flowing over you.. clearing away negativity, and the weight and depression of every day life. The therapists are trained, to sense the areas and parts of your body that are not functioning or feeling tired and heavy, and cleanse away the repressed feelings and discomfort.. they use special rhythmic light flowing circular Tantric massage and meditation touches. The Tantric massage therapist’s hands and body, produce sensitive sensual light healing warmth!and the touches give a feeling similar to a pure energy gliding over you. Comparison can be said to be of negative to positive poles.. Known as Shaktis, a Tantra therapist will nurture and heal you.  You feel as light as a feather, and lifted away from stress.. to a lighter, relaxed and positive person you wanted to be again.


Rebalancing of the body’s energy fields, warming loving biorythmical touch, awakens you to inner Kundalini energy. A orgasmic sensation is created and circulated throughout your body reaching from your toes to your brain mind and consciousness. Every centimetre of your body is stimulated. A feeling of joy and happiness slowly arises thoughout your entire body. Tantra is creates a very high level of endorphins release.. A super serotonin high. With White Tantra. In red Tantra it’s is the power also of a multiple orgasmic powerful energy too.


After a Tantric massage it can feel like a rebirth.. awakening your senses to pleasure. A pick me up..The endorphin high can leave you feeling light and ready to achieve things in your life for days or weeks. Especially if you try Kundalini Yoga also.


Tantra is a unique, loving, caressing caring touch massage with close body body rythm touch, and like no other form or massage. Intense spirituality. Tantra massage, opens and removes repressed emotions and anxiety. Wonderful if you have relationship problems. Or say a marriage or partnership breakdown or angst. Tantric massage therapy, refreshes your mind and spirit so you see your way clear to mindfulness and self knowledge too. London Tantra Therapists, and Mary Celia’s Dubai. Are also therapists who, with meditation and Yoga, can help you feel loved, and at peace with yourself. “We all need to feel loved and understood” TANTRIC Energy gives you back what you lost in life.

TANTRA MASSAGE promotes blood circulation, helps reduce Blood Pressure. Lightly tones your body via Tantric Yoga positions.


RED TANTRA (The white version is mentioned already in the ‘benefits’ list above), includes a highly advanced stimulation of your sensual and sexual energy points. Powerful awakening of pleasure and ecstasy.. it can take a simple orgasm to a whole new level of sensation. The famous multiple orgasm had it’s route in Tantric belief and methods. It was considered a way to longevity and enjoying your youth even to advanced age!   The techniques, give you the most profound, yet spiritually enhanced exciting love life. Improving the sense of connection and bond between male and female or partners.

Tantra Massage can be taught in a simplified version for couples to use to keep the passion going for longer.

TANTRA HAS THE CURE TO PE, Teaches men how to last for incredible performance and lasting pleasure.

TANTRA MASSAGE IS A NATURAL VIAGRA.. benefits no side effects!


Using specialised stimulation, it encourages and improves gently the circulation. Even Urologists in UK recommend the natural drug free way to improve your sensation and function.

Also ,a gentle prostate massage can be encouraged to help tone the mature man over 30 to 70.. also a G spot area one of the 16 G spots. Tantra is an advanced, magical, try well taught method to heighten arousal, pleasure and ultimately happiness.


This a simplified English version, without the complex terms, and Sanskrit words and Yoga jargon.. for all those who can not take hours to read through complex journals.. we try to demystify and make it easier to understand!

If you want to learn about Pranyamic breathing techniques, Asanas and Kundalini Yoga.. please read more in the site.. or wait for our latest articles.

Write to me. Or contact.











Sunshine and sensuality goes together, Tantra massage has a lovely setting in Dubai, (Often called by some in Abu Dhabi, ‘Tantric Massage’ though that is the term for Yoga), is the perfect antidote to your working week of stress and tiredness. A soothing caressing spiritual sensual massage. With components of relaxation massages, soft music.. full body, and body to body type, trance massage that rebalances your mind and body together at the same time, circulating and flowing a warm feeling of positivity and encouraging a high towards the close, that’s described as ‘Better than sex’ A highly stimulating orgasmic sensation that encourages the release of endorphins in the brain also. 

Tantra is a treatment meditation and way of life and religion and path of spirituality of different massages originally from India.. with similar off shoots and parallels in the teachings of the Karmasutra, Daoism, etc. and is supported by its being also a branch of Yoga or rather a form with in it

The Tantra Therapist, can heal and nurture you. They are trained to know every one of your body’s energy centers, how calm, to release and massage away anxiety, tension, and it feels almost as if you are cleansed of all the negative darkness that builds up like a layer of dust over you through your day.. feels like a beautiful rebirth of a positive new you!

White Tantra is the deep relaxation version for everyone.

Red Tantra is the far more sensual erotic version, which people think of when they quote the writings of the “Karmasutra’, ‘Perfumed garden, and Tantric Yoga. It stimulates Kundalini (Life force energy), via encouraging orgasmic flow.. and has very secret advanced unique touches, massages, and involves intense intimate touch as well as embracing soothing love. Given from the Dakini or Goddess as she is known in the west. Also a Shakti Mary celia Facebook to awaken you to your true energised self. Perfect antidote to stress.


REAL AUTHENTIC TANTRA MASSAGE v FAKE VERSION! Learn the huge difference between genuine and massageand don’t be fooled. 

A few years ago, professional Tantra was done by extremely well trained certified therapists and Yoga teachers, who had spent years training. (Like ourselves), Visits to India or training in Ashrams like Osho. Suddenly due to certain types of Tantra having elements of practise in advanced sexuality, and neo Tantra being adopted and publicised as a cure to all dysfunctional and sexual and being famous as allowing you to become a master lover!.. suddenly after the financial crisis in 2008 escorts and back shop massage parlours.. started copy pasting the word to their adverts in a way to boost business! It quickly spread across many cities. Including Dubai. suddenly any untrained uncertified ‘massage therapist”, who worked in a dubious massage center or adult advertised services, announced they did it! In Dubai it has become notorious and a problem. They do not have any knowledge of how to do the Tantra massage or Tantric Yoga, neither do they have any training, or any certification, neither do they have any training in general massage or health and hygiene certification.  All they do is their idea of a massage type and a rub and tug. Emma ending.  It spoils it for everyone and totally cons the average client who has no idea what he or she should expect. Appalling a waste of time money and people’s well being, because they actually do not give Tantra at all!

We promote real Tantra! with all the magic and beyond, both in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Kuwait, London, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Singapore Tantric, and  Australia too.. we also recommend well reviewed Dakini Tantric Therapists for clients who contact us.



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Tantra is a treatment meditation and way of life and religion and path of spirituality of different massages originally from India.. with similar off shoots and parallels in the teachings of the Karmasutra, Daoism, etc. and is supported by its being also a branch of Yoga or rather a form with in it.





and yes it all starts with curing your premature ejaculation problem and lasting longer…


It all starts with, the longer you last the more the orgasm grows stronger, and the more defined and extended your orgasm is the more your Kundalini energy is allowed to flow and rejuvenate, or so we are taught in Tantric scripts. Tantra has some of the best techniques and teaching to extend and stay erect longer, because the greater the orgasm the stronger the energy and elevated the Kundalini. It’s a key goal in Tantric ritual and practise.

Ladies! in Tantra also need longer to climax, and again we return to the essential skill of remaining erect, and for as long as possible. Everyone has heard of the Marathon Love sessions of Tantric sex. Even in the religion and cultural of Daoism we have a similar belief and practise. Many releases were supposed to weaken the man and reduce is life force longevity! The aim was for a powerful, once a day extreme orgasm that stimulated his cellular renewal.



“we discussed this in our free workshop, on Tantra in Abu Dhabi in December. Also the Tantra massage in Dubai for ladies in November evening…  We received so much positive feedback back”

In our “London Tantra massage and Tantric Yoga courses” for couples we teach the special techniques, which we developed using Tantra plus ♡  the latest Best methods from psycho-sexual counselling, and urology in UK. With gifted teachers and patience. We at Celias and London Tantra, developed a easy to learn method to cure PE! in one to three easy sessions! 4 point cure premature ejaculation Syndrome as we have used in Europe for last eight years.

4 Methods for men to Learn to last longer and no more Premature ejaculation with Tantra and karmasutra 

~ you can always join our course for advanced Tantric massage techniques to over come PE and last forever ~

  • Tone your muscles 

Intimate muscle tightening. For a month of practise. When a man goes to the bathroom, practise stopping the flow for 3 seconds twice each time you go to bathroom. It’s like kegel but used in Daoism ant Tantra. To tone male sexual muscles. Do this daily. Tighten. Pubococcygneus the web of muscles interweaving  around the genitalia of bothe female and male. Weakened loose muscles have less control. Levator ani muscles need to be strengthened in certain men who are not able to control ejaculation. It is one of the helpful methods to practise and has similar methods in Tantra.  It can be used also to the strengthen the orgasm too.  Also used to support the prostrate and is a intensifier in prostrate massage for male health. Often known as PCM muscles or intimate Tantric Gym. We often teach our clients to move the Lingham itself! Not a party trick!  As if weight training. Creates a hard erection.

Important for Lingham strength and functionality as men age. Practised by our Gurus into their 90s. Use it! or lose it. Tantric Gym♡

  • Stress relief breathing empower you.

10 second nasal breathing. Deep inhale long exhale. Called belly breathing. Similar to Pranayama extention. Concentrate while in the act of thrust, and extend the breath.

Also practise breath and each day Tighten  PCMs.  We teach also 5 Asanas yoga positions which of Tantric in particular which focus, on mindfulness and control when abstaining from orgasm. Or simply put, not coming too fast or early. Reconnect mind and lingham with breathing.

  • Multiple thrust technique with advanced Tantric Yoga

Use a 10 mixed thrust technique short and then longer, with your wife or partner 5 short and 2 longer while taking deep belly breathing and pulling in on with drawing stage.

Regarding ejaculation learn, this is one of our 108 techniques, and it helps the ladies to do this! Fact the testicles rebound up into the scrotum before release in intercourse,  try to gently ease them away from the body to stop release, a well trained lady can do this for you.

  • Longer foreplay.. 7 chakra.
  • Head to knee yoga position to stretch the muscles and release tension your pc muscles.
  • Spend longer on foreplay! using also the trace techniques, cool touch circular movements to the whole body.
  • Do not use the missionary position, but use a lotus goddess over the man position to control the 7 thrust in and out methods…..            “so much more on our London Tantric massage and couples evening classes   ”   


TANTRA in Dubai. Free course.

Karen and Celia

Mary Celia facebook






“LATEST CURE PE 3 HOUR TEACHING CLASS with the 4 point tantric master lover course”

Please write to us on the contact for Details

TANTRA MASSAGE IN DUBAI 2016 2017. Course in Tantra massage white Tantra for spas ..introduction in Abu Dhabi Tantric relaxation massage.

Tantra feels like many beautiful hands flowing energy over you at the same time.. Mary  celia Karen and Ingrid Amsterdam Tantra classes 2015


WHITE TANTRA MASSAGE IN ABU DHABI AND DUBAI. What is the difference in Tantra 

LONDON TANTRA MASSAGE will be continuing our popular autumn classes and White Tantra in Dubai.. at recognised spa Palm Jumeira Fairmont and Tantra in Abu Dhabi ladies classes for learning to be a Tantra Goddess. 2016. White Tantra is the beautiful spiritual health Tantra massage which is deeply relaxing stimulating every sense and spiritually uplifting.

We have divided Tantra into two types.. differences:

White Tantra for relaxation soothing energising and balances the bodie’s energies,cures stress and promotes a lovely addition to a luxury specialised Spa’s bespoke menu and suitable for consverative countries and does not have the hot sensual elements of Tantric Red massage or Kundalini or the unclothed naturist part..

Red Tantra  Is the more intense, sensual massage energy form is which highly popular in Europe, London and USA. White Tantra can be offered in Dubai as a massage or Abu dhabi under the licensing as it is a traditional covered massage respects conservative morals and is a wonderful massage only.



Our Popular courses on White Tantra, Tantra massage for couples, and a much loved course for wives girlfiends how to keep your marriage alive with Tantric Yoga and methods of Tantra for coiples will be in Abu dhabi and Dubai, please write for information.


learn the secrets..

we have diary dates for Tantric therapy, Ayurveda with Aromatherapy..in Zurich, Amsterdam, Munich, Autumn 2016 and a free Yoga demonstration in London in December 14th. do contact London Tantra Massage or Mary Celia’s for guidance, classes, help or even appointments.


Namaste with love and kindness, Mary, Karen, Ingrid, Sarah, Alison..



please go to our link testimonial page:


“thanks Mary, awesome massage. I am hooked on tantra -now still tingling next morning. Should I take this over monthly or weekly? Need to keep it up feel great.”

Peter D. HSBC regional Mena London Middle East

“hi dear mary, a note of gratefulness, I really liked your Tantric massage experience yesterday. I mentioned that I had been to so many masseusses and Tantra massages in Germany and London and can honestly say you are the best. The way you do the massage is so special it feels like magic and that you give so much care and love. This is the Tantra I looked for last 15 years”

Mohammed Al B.  Horse Racing UAE

“Good wishes to you Miss celia, Can I make appointment for next wednesday, if you are free i hope? and is Julia back or Sarah for my colleague and his wife on November 8? Really I am really impressed with you,  and you gave always the best Tantra massage in London! and your therapists are so professional and keep your good standards up thanks to you. So recommended them to our friends in Abu dhabi for a couple treatment at that spa. Please respond.”

Phillipe Le. Fashion designer. Lyon and New York

“Brilliant Tantrica massage and book me in for next visit. Also back ache has gone! Thanks for the extra free time and sports massage as well. Complete experience you are so good”

Sunil R. CEO Tata division steel UK /Mumbai




Genuine qualified Tantra lady therapists Profiles


HIghly qualified lady therapists, bringing the joy of and certified massage and courses. Also Tantra educationals books and advice


Dubai Yoga by the beach may
Tantric Life course Abu Dhabi Yoga Massage day
HOT TANTRIC YOGA SECRET TIPS for MEN,  Ladies & couples 
Here is a helpful list of some Tantra massage and TANTRIC SENSUAL Yoga for you to try as a couple
 BEAUTIFUL massage UK and London Tantra massage Dubai which is a luxury authentic top British Spa and relaxation service in many countries.
Beautiful massage service details for our professional bespoke massages all over the world. ALSO our educational health and massage books and web articles and posts.
Tantra lady therapists PROFILES bio data and how to arrange book a personal massage
If you are looking for a special real certified Tantra or red massage from UK on a privately booked option to be your country then further details are on this link.
British Spa and exclusive service of health and relaxation therapy near your location Dubai Palm,. Kuwait city,. Abu Dhabi Yas Island, etc.

AYURVEDA spa massage service in the marina 

Advice on AYURVEDA massage benefits with us

For lots of useful information on TANTRIC Yoga massage practise. Learning courses, related health articles and then do read through the sites many pages. These are written by top licensed therapists. Consultation and valuable on health relaxation advice that lifestly men’s health issues.

‘We also provide information on health topics for men and Yoga for everyone from our experienced very knowledgeable authorative therapists. 
Consultation service available chargeable or with your massage then free additional benefit at the end of your relaxation session. 
Or leave a message/comment below, if you want your questions answered in future posts!

What would you like to learn more about? Write to us Tantra massage in Dubai by London UK therapists…. thank you X

Recent subjects requested to be covered in this article by Dubai based readers and massage clients:
 “Are Tantra followers polyamorous?
“How can stress ruin my relationship?

“How can stress from my marriage cause premature ejaculation! How can Tantra teach me How to be a strong lasting super lover?

..please read the posts on our previous pages to find out.
” Teach me Tantra Yoga positions for a hot night.
We cover today.
TANTRA TO CURE YOUR WORK LIFE AND LOVE STRESS. HAPPY RELATIONSHIP AT HOME equals better performance at work or in the bedroom…
Polyamory and truth about Tantra

Some people think Tantra therapists and followers are swingers or polyamorous people! Mostly thats untrue and we are mostly monogamous. For people who do not know! Polyamorous means a couple existing in a love relationship with other partners at the same time meaning you have a wife and a girlfriend, while she has her boyfriend you are all ok with this and know each other! In the west it was pretty shocking! 
Though in Muslim relations and traditional beliefs some historically had more than one or two wives. In Polyamory so does the wife to as well! Polyamory has got quite a following with some in the west coast. People often boast of also learning Tantra to satisfy everyone! But it’s not real Tantra.
Stress and how it affects performance in men

Our Tantra courses which are run with respected Beautiful massages therapists, and psychosexual coaches, are for couples who join, to learn how to reconnect with their partner how to discover a more commited relationship through intimacy, we coach you to go to new heights of joy pleasure and becoming more at one with your husband wife or love. How that can stop relationship problems and married stress, which is the main cause of marriage breakdown. 
Marital stress after your day at work filled with work stress is start of a slippery slope that will see you sliding to health related next stage stress problems. 
Married relationship stress syndrome, causes anxiety, heart conditions, weight gain, tension, hair loss, testosterone inhibitors, poor performance in bed, lowered libido, and even late onset mature men’s premature ejaculation syndrome.. this a double whammy if you already are having stress at work too. A reason so many life to skip away in Dubai to a massage spa, with the more knowledgeable heading for a Tantra comforting sensual massage.
Listening to your partner! and also their body, are methods that are the first things taught in TANTRIC Yoga and Tantra intimate awakening courses. 
In our recent class on sensual awakening with Tantra massage in Dubai. We discussed the art of TANTRIC interconnected pranayama breathing while touching private and intimate areas of your partner’s body focusing on zoning in on their orgasmic energy and returning it back to yourself.  Balancing your needs in pleasure and also joining your partner.
Here is a method for you to follow at home, taught by Mary Celia our much loved Tantra psychosexual coach and respected Physiotherapist. Angel Calhoun  will also be taking the course in April in  London Mayfair June in Dubai marina July Tantra in Geneva. “YOGA and Mind blowing sensual relationships”
HOT TANTRA EVENING ADVICE FOR COUPLES ( This is Part of our couple’s 3 day Tantric Yoga advanced course we run which educational …we have published as a free resource for readers….. Note Its not a part of our ‘Tantra massages’ service which are massage only.. 


Here for our readers on request .. we teach a popular TANTRIC greeting and hot couples position… taken from one of our workshop introduction to Tantra in the marina at JBR in January. London in February  Zurich  Tantra couples course….

First a room aside thats quiet and softly glowing with candels. YOUR TANTRA  experience is all about pleasing every sense..! When our Tantra massage clients come in to Dubai London Geneva Singapore they are treated to a beautiful sensory and sensual experience. We do not include other services we hope you understand the boundary.
If you are learning Tantra at home or kundalini yoga then you should recreate a haven of peace before you start.. when out to please all the senses, dress in loose light clothing, soft fabrics of red, pink and purple: sarongs don’t get in the way, they let you reach all the love-points, and come off easily.
Candlelight and soft music yes, phones no: off or silent, rings on mute.
Fragrances of roses, musk and ylang ylang.
Aphrodisiac titbits to tantalise taste buds:
Chocolate, Strawberries and Bananas or Cucumbers dipped in Clove Honey, Mangos, Peaches, Plums and Cherries.
Try using each other as a plate.
If you like salads: celery, mushrooms, red peppers, spinach, tomatoes and watercress.
And to drink? Try Mead, a mildly alcoholic bevvy made from honey. In Anglo-Saxon England newly-weds retired for a moon-month to a flowery bower to live on nothing but Love and Mead: thus the word “honeymoon” – honag monath.
 Make your bower beautiful, enticing, a place for pleasure.
Feng shui your love-life: Make space around your love-nest, the mat on which you will create your palms of pleasure.
If using a bed, let it be firm: flaccididity is no help inside or out.
Have a picture of your beloved in the south-west corner and a green plant in the East.
Tip 2 Prepare your Partner
Dedicate your practice to Great Spirit of the Tao and Mother Earth, who gave us pleasure as a key to open the gate to Bliss, on the path to Ecstasy.
Start with a look, a gaze in each other’s eyes. Mind follows Eye and Hand follows Mind.
Your body is a landscape of hills and valleys, woodland glades,
caves of delight, pastures of pleasure, stirred by breezes of bliss,
fed by rivers of desire, watered by clouds and rain of ecstasy.
Nature has gifted us with eyes to see these wonders,
ears to hear the sounds of love,
noses to scent the fragrance of passion,
tongues to taste the fruits of desire,
lips to kiss,
and hands to touch.
Prepare your Lover by first lightly tapping or patting up and down the body. Tapping wakes up the nerves. How do you like to be woken up?
Tap very gently on softer areas such as the belly and face, and not at all on breasts and genitals. Ask your Lover how it feels: would they like a drum solo in some places – such as the sacrum and shoulder-blades, or would they prefer tippy-toe tap?
And when you have tapped and rubbed, its time to tease: long languorous strokes the length of the whole body, brushing close by your lover’s sex, using your hands to hint at what’s ahead.
Tip 3 Prepare your Self
Allow your Lover to watch and to copy as you massage yourself in a very specific way, holding each other’s gaze the whole time.
Sit facing each other, not touching, cross-legged if comfortable or in chairs if not.
Begin the self-massage of the Nine Flowers by placing the tips of your fingers on your chest and gently moving the skin over the flesh in a spiralling movement, for nine long slow breaths.
Move your hands down so the tips of your fingers can feel your ribs and the length of your fingers feel the soft underswell of the breast, and do the spiralling massage for eighteen breaths.
Move your fingers down to the edge of your ribs and spiral-massage for twenty-seven breaths.
Then move from there to midway between ribs and navel, and massage for thirty-six breaths.
Bring both hands together just below the navel, and gently circulate the skin over the flesh for forty-five breaths.
Then midway between navel and pubic bone and massage for fifty-four.
And then just above the pubic bone for sixty-three.
Massage the navel for seventy-two.
Finally, then perineum, for eighty-one.
Then rest and lie side by side, still not touching.
Valentined Tantra
Tip 4 Prepare Each Other
Sit behind your partner, front touching back, partner’s legs inside yours.
Repeat the whole of the Nine Flowers massage, but this time with you doing the spiral massage on lover’s points, slowly and gently moving your finger-tips in a circular caress, moving the skin over the flesh, gently, softly, rubbing, for the same number of breaths as when you massaged yourself.
Move downwards from the chest to just below, then to the edge of the ribs, then midway between ribs and navel. Below the navel, use both your hands together on each point: just below navel, midway between navel and pubic bone, just above pubic bone,  perinm.
Rest for a while and change places. Guide your partner to move and massage with sensitivity down your front in the same way.
Rest again, lying down with your sides touching. Rest is therapy. Rest renews energy.
Tip 5 Building Arousal
Sitting back-to-back, feeling your buttocks touching, you each place one hand on your heart and the other on your sex and begin gently swaying back and forth, very slowly, not too far, and timing it with your breath. Once you are into a nice easy rhythm you each begin massaging your chest…. As arousal builds you may find swaying turns into rocking and rocking becomes thrusting. The art here is to keep your rhythm in harmony.
Whichever of you feels yourself starting to get carried away, slow down until the other catches up. Slow down by taking long deep breaths, and changing from to-and-fro rocking to a circular movement, rotating your waists in time together.
When approaching the peak, slow down before your point of no return – this takes practice, so until you have had the practice slow down sooner rather than later.
Or just let the explosion happen and start again from the beginning next time. Then lie and rest together a while.
To rest is always important: it is like the space between each breath, between each heart-beat, between each thought, the space in which that moment is alive.
Tip 6 Intensifying Arousal
Sit facing each other, cross-legged if comfortable otherwise in chairs, with knees touching. Begin with one hand on your heart, the other on your each other.., and sway back and forth, looking into each other’s eyes.
Lean back on the in-breath, forward on the out.
Time your breath, so you breathe in as partner breathes out.
In this way, you sway forward as partner sways back and vice versa.
Once you are moving in harmony, begin to massage your chest and Kundalini centres
As arousal intensifies, swaying turns into rocking and rocking becomes thrusting.
Each shift your gaze from the eyes to your partner’s love centre.. watching each other’s hands vibrating in the the responsive rythmical massage.
Each move your other hand from your heart to grasp your partner’s shoulder.
Approaching the peak, slow down, keep in harmony together, feel the arousal come and go in waves.
Slow the movement into rocking and the rocking into swaying.
Slow into stillness.
Tip 7 The Tantric Connection
Woman moves on to man’s lap wearing a sarong. Man does not have to tense just relax. As you move together through the tantric connection a kundalini sensation happens.
Place the hands:
His right hand on Her back, between Her shoulder-blades;
His left hand supporting Her at the sacrum. His middle finger can connect in the groove above the small of her back – how far up or down that groove is a matter for choice.
Her left hand goes between His shoulder-blades, Her right on His sacrum.
It will make for a wonderful energy-connection if the centres of your palms touch the spine between the should-blades.
In this position (yab-yum, or maithuna, in the tantric classics) 
Energy-centres or chakras are aligned: navel, solar plexus and heart.
Gaze into each other’s left eye, and seal your lips together.
Breathe each other’s breath as you sway back and forth, and when you can do that OK, connect your tongues.
In this way you are connected at every level, body, mind and soul.
Let the swaying turn to rocking and the rocking to thrusting.
Thrust towards climax.
Tip 8 
As your highest energy approaches, both close your eyes and move your upper hand from between the shoulders to the base of the skull, the Jade Pillow,
If you want to slow down the process, slow rythmical movement to swaying, disconnect your mouths and breathe the outside air in long deep breaths.
After a short rest, staying in position with your bodies connected, you can resume and repeat for as often as you like.
When ready, continue on to feel connected kundalini energy close your eyes..
As the lightning-bolt kundalini circles you begin to shudder through the very core of your being,
clench your teeth and your peri n  and
bring the sensation in all its intensity right up to the top of your head,
to a point between your skull and scalp,
and hold your breath,
and hold the kundalini energy in your crown in the mind.
Imagine a sunburst of light,
and sit in that light,
and bathe in that light,
and let that light flood your being.
Let go your mind.
Be still.
Tip 9 
Let the light flow down like liquid sunshine,
Over your skin,
Under your skin,
And down through your centre
Let it rest there, pulsing.
Stay in yab yum until you are both back in the mundane dimension, heart-beat and breath-rate back to normal.
Gaze into each other’s right eye.
Stroking each other about the face and neck and shoulders, begin a slow, tender disconnection.
Lower your hands to your partner’s sides.
Linger a few moments before gently separating
and resume sitting facing each other.
Tip 10 Farewell
In the Taoist philosophy all human love is sacred in the union of Yang, the force of Heaven, with Yin, the power of Earth.
As you have just honoured the union of Yin and Yang, now with grace and care you honour the separation and return to the mundane.
As you sit facing each other, have your knees touching as when you began.
Place your right hand palm up on your partner’s left knee,
and your right hand palm down on your partner’s left hand.
Feel the connection between you.
Allow it to fade.
Gently let go the physical connection and draw a little way apart.


Step one. Guide to intimate massages and stimulation of your partner’s senses.

We use super light abgha caress touch in advanced TANTRIC and massages.. guiding youni energy.. or goddess Shakti awakening from the giver to the receiver. We advise out readers to try a smooth ostrich feather in tip tip touches to the feet and forehead or crown chakra of their partner or receiver at home. You can ask girlfriend or husband to breath in for 8 seconds and softly  whisper Tantra mantras in her ear.. while touch of a practise feather. 

Take an exhale and consentrate your energy with the feather as a beginner’s tool to learn with on the first lesson. It usually takes a few weeks to start stemming your chi or kundalini energy to her. But have fun with doing so first.
” NOTE…We provide educational teaching of Tantra for couples… but we do not engage in the act itself.. or intimacies beyond massage. Between you are your partner.. sorry”

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Namaste to all




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Sunset Tantric Yoga

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